Snyder Cut teaser trailer confirms a terrifying change to Justice League

Zack Snyder just revealed our first official look at the Snyder Cut of 'Justice League,' and it's epic. Check out the teaser trailer right here.

The Snyder Cut is already official, but Zack Snyder's hype train is still chugging along. The one-time DC Extended Universe maestro just tweeted our first "official" look at his highly-anticipated director's cut, and it confirms one awesome change to the original Justice League movie: Darkseid.

One of the biggest issues (among many) that people had with Justice League was its villain. Steppenwolf was a B-tier DC comics bad guy, and, in the movie, he was little more than a CGI monster for Superman to punch. But for years, Zack Snyder has been not-so-subtly hinting that his version of the movie would have featured Darkseid as its primary supervillain instead.

Now, in our first teaser trailer for the Snyder Cut, the director has confirmed just that. The short video opens on Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) discovering an ancient painting of Darkseid. Then the camera cuts to the villain against a hellish landscape that we assume is his home planet, Apokolips, though it could also be the villain's arrival on Earth. (In previous DC stories, Darkseid has attempted to terraform our planet into a version of his homeworld.)

The video ends with a promise that we'll learn more at DC's virtual FanDome event in August.

For the unfamiliar, Darkseid is a classic DC supervillain who primarily squares off with Superman or the entire Justice League. He's a god-level opponent hellbent on conquering the universe and destroying all free will. Darkseid's homeworld of Apokolips is a planet covered in one massive city and pockmarked with giant firepits. It's a pretty terrible place and would be incredible to see in the Snyder Cut if that's what this trailer is hinting at.

While the Snyder Cut doesn't have a specific release date, it's set to stream on HBO Max sometime in 2021. In the meantime, it appears we'll get our first full-length trailer at FanDome in August. Or, at the very least, Zack Snyder is going to show up and reveal a lot of new details about his version of Justice League.

The Snyder Cut is expected to clock in at 4 hours and may stream as a miniseries, rather than a single movie. According to one recent report, the budget for turning Snyder's rough edit into a watchable production will cost roughly $20 to $30 million, though other leaks hint costs could be way higher. The director needs to redo a fair amount of special effects, and while reshoots aren't an option for multiple reasons, much of the cast is set to record new audio that can be edited in. In other words: The Snyder Cut saga is far from finished.

The Inverse Analysis — If you weren't already hyped for the Snyder Cut, this should do it. We were initially worried that DC's FanDome would be boring, but if this teaser trailer is any indication, the comic book giant has some big reveals planned for its online event this August.

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