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Shows like 'Umbrella Academy': 7 exhilarating adventure series to stream

If you loved Netflix's 'The Umbrella Academy', then you might enjoy these seven great series.

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Netflix's Umbrella Academy Season 2 took viewers on an incredible adventure. Unexpected twists, time travel, and a pesky apocalypse to thwart made it even more memorable than Season 1. If you binge-watched Season 2 in one sitting, you might be looking for more high-concept adventures to watch. If you liked The Umbrella Academy Season 2, here are seven other wildly entertaining TV shows to stream right now.

'Doom Patrol' gets away with a lot and that's what makes it unique.


7. Doom Patrol

There is no show quite like Doom Patrol on TV. That’s not an exaggeration. A sex demon, a disco-loving villain with a clock for a head, and a donkey as a key to another universe all make up the fabric of the show. Similar to The Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol centers a group of people — including Diane Guerror’s Jane, Brendan Fraser’s Robotman, and Joivan Wade’s Cyborg — with unique abilities. However, it’s the depth of character, not the wild adventures, that make the series truly tick.

Stream it on: HBO Max, DC Universe

The Legends have been on a lot of timey wimey adventures.

The CW

6. Legends of Tomorrow

None of the Arrowverse shows come remotely close to the zaniness of Legends of Tomorrow. For all the shade that The Flash gets for changing the timeline, the Legends are masters in blowing a hole in time, so to speak. They’ve probably even time traveled more than The Umbrella Academy’s Five and that’s saying something. Genghis Khan being displaced to 2020, Marie Antoinette casting a spell on people, and a stuffed animal as a god is what awaits viewers, among other things.

Stream it on: Netflix

'Wynonna Earp' has garnered a cult following.


5. Wynonna Earp

Based on the comic book series by Beau Smith, Wynonna Earp follows the titular character as she returns to her hometown of Purgatory. There, she'll face off against revenants, demons, and other supernatural creatures. The Syfy series has a very Western vibe and some pretty memorable, out-of-this-world adventures.

Stream it on: Syfy

'Deadly Class' sadly only lasted one season, but still worth checking out.


4. Deadly Class

If you enjoyed the Commission and assassin storylines from The Umbrella Academy, then you might also dig Deadly Class. The series is based on a comic series by Remender and Wesley Craig and stars Doctor Strange’s Benedict Wong. The story is about a group of students who are recruited to a private school that trains them to become assassins. “Deadly” doesn’t even begin to cut it.

Stream it on: Starz

'Misfits' was a very popular British supernatural series.


3. Misfits

Robert Sheehan gives a memorable performance as Klaus in The Umbrella Academy, but before that the actor starred in the popular British series Misfits. The story follows a group of, well, misfits who are sentenced to community service and end up getting powers following a mysterious lightning storm. The series also stars Iwan Rheon, who famously played the sadistic Ramsey Bolton on Game of Thrones.

Stream it on: Hulu

'Shadowhunters' cast was pretty great.


2. Shadowhunters

Based on the popular novel series by Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters sends fans into the world of Clary Fray, a half-angel who discovers she comes from a long line of demon hunters. The series is perhaps most notable for its LGBTQ+ representation and offering an intriguing spin on popular fantasy tropes.

Stream it on: Hulu

'Heroes' was very popular in its day.


1. Heroes

Save the cheerleader, save the world. Or so goes the popular refrain from Heroes’ marketing back in the day. The NBC series follows a group of superpowered teens who have to come together to prevent a myriad of cataclysmic events in the future. The apocalypse always seems to be happening on shows like Heroes, but at least there’s always someone around to save people.

Stream it on: Peacock

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