You can't kidnap a sunbeam

Shadow and Bone Season 1 ending reveals new danger for Season 2

Alina and Mal can’t rest easy yet.

Shadow and Bone has just landed on Netflix, but you won’t stop thinking about it for days after you finish. The world of Ravka is so deftly created and rich, you won’t want to leave. That’s why it’s good the ending of Season 1 so clearly sets up further journeys for Alina, Mal, Kaz, and the Crows.

If you still don’t understand what happened in Season 1, read on for a recap of the three big ending moments of the show, and where that will lead the characters in a possible Season 2.

Major spoilers ahead.

3. Shadow and Bone ending explained: Alina and Mal

Alina and Mal reunited at the series’ end.


After Alina uses her powers to break against the bond the stag horns made between her and General Kirigan, Zoya advises her to not return to the Little Palace — now that Kirigan has revealed his true identity, Grisha will be even further demonized by the people in Ravka. So Alina decides to go undercover and leave Ravka altogether, and to only return when her powers are strong enough to destroy the Shadow Fold altogether.

Mal accompanies her on this journey, where they’re called “ghosts” or “survivors,” and Mal remarks they’ll have to remain ghosts for a while. Of course, that probably won’t last long in a potential Season 2. They think the Darkling is dead, but that threat is very much not yet over.

2. Shadow and Bone ending explained: The Crows

The Crows debrief after their adventure.


Kaz, Inej, and Jasper were the ideal ragtag group of criminals. They had a mission to kidnap Alina no matter what, even if it meant going incognito at a ball at the Little Palace and crossing the Shadow Fold in a very experimental train. They boarded a boat back to Ketterdam where Jasper recounted what they’ve learned on their journey: people with trains are evil, you can’t kidnap a human sunbeam, and maybe greed is a poor motivator.

The crew may have learned a lot through their saga, but they’re still looking for a Heartrender to join their crew, which captures the attention of Nina, heartbroken after her scheme to save Mathias fell through. The Crows now have a Grisha to help them on their next mission, but what that next mission could remains to be seen.

1. Shadow and Bone ending explained: General Kirigan

The mysterious (and very evil) General Kirigan.


When Alina and Mal had their final confrontation with General Kirigan (aka the Darkling,) Mal refused to kill him, saying he’d leave that to the General’s past. And just like that, one of the terrifying volcra creatures Kirigan created captures him, pulling him into the Shadow Fold. The pair assume he’s dead, and they don’t have to worry about him anymore, just the unrest he’s created within society and with the Shadow Fold.

But the last few shots of the series reveal the threat is far from over. Not only did General Kirigan survive his Shadow Fold kidnapping, but he’s emerging stronger than ever accompanied by the creatures of the night he created. Whatever’s next, the threat of his revenge will loom large over Ravka as a whole.

Shadow and Bone is now streaming on Netflix.

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