Secret Invasion Just Revealed the Unexpected Consequences of Avengers: Endgame

The show’s biggest question has finally been answered.

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Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion is a spy thriller, but it’s still a Marvel show. And like any good Marvel show, there are multiple sci-fi mysteries threaded between each episode. What is Gravik’s ultimate plan? Where do Priscilla Fury’s loyalties really lie? But the biggest question — at least to pedantic fans — is just how Gravik was able to obtain the DNA for each of the superpowered individuals he used to morph himself into the Super-Skrull.

The series’ penultimate episode finally answers that question, and even shines some new light on the MCU’s greatest tragedy.

When Nick Fury and Sonya Falsworth traveled to Finland to find one of Fury’s phony gravestones, she asked him about The Harvest, the ultimate treasure Gravik is seeking. We then hear Fury finally explain just how all these DNA sources ended up with Gravik. “Nearly every Avenger spilled blood in the Battle of Earth, even Carol Danvers,” he says. “In the aftermath, some were sent in to collect that DNA. Some with the ability to blend in.”

The Harvest is a vial of genetic material hidden inside Nick Fury’s own gravestone.

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That group of Skrulls happened to include Gravik. The samples he’s already used are just what he was able to personally collect back then, but now he’s looking for The Harvest, the ultimate database of biological information. If he finds it, he could imbue himself with the power of every Avenger and become the ultimate villain.

This shines new light on the events of Endgame. After so many Avengers were lost during the Blip, there needed to be a contingency plan in case of another massive tragedy. The Avengers are essential to the safety of Earth, so why not keep what amounts to a backup copy of them around?

Gravik has some genetic samples, but now he’s going for the holy grail.

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The Finnish location makes The Harvest an MCU parallel for the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway, which keeps crop samples in case of a real-life disaster. That kind of archive may seem like an over-the-top contingency plan, but had it been available after Infinity War, then things probably would have gone a whole lot differently.

Secret Invasion is now streaming on Disney+.

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