Rick and Morty star comments on a wild Season 5 fan theory [Exclusive]

Did Jerry have an affair?

Rick and Morty Season 5 has delivered some epic moments, from the introduction (and return) of Naruto Smith (aka, giant incest baby) to finally revealing what happened at Blood Ridge. But the season’s biggest twist so far may be one that most fans didn’t even notice.

After the series introduced a new kid at school named Bruce Chutback, some fans were quick to point out that he bears a striking resemblance to Jerry Smith. Could Jerry have a secret love-child?

“That’s really smart.”

Spencer Grammer, who voices Morty’s sister Summer on the show, has read those racy Bruce Chutback theories. And in an exclusive interview with Inverse on Instagram live, Grammer revealed her thoughts on the matter.

So ... does Summer have two brothers?

“I saw that!” Grammer tells Inverse when asked about this bizarre fan theory. “I feel like that’s really smart of everybody to think that. If I was watching it, I’d think that Jerry had an illegitimate son and his name was Bruce Chutback, right? However, I don’t know if anyone mentioned that to me specifically — so I can’t confirm it.”

But it’s possible, right?

When a long-haired teenager in a green shirt appeared in the Rick and Morty Season 5 trailer, it looked suspiciously like it could somehow be Jerry — Morty and Summer’s father — de-aged a few decades. After all, this is a sci-fi series where grandpa Rick once became his own teenaged clone who went by “Tiny Rick.” But Episode 5, “Amortycan Grickfitti," confirms that this was a new kid at school: Bruce Chutback.

Still, their resemblance is uncanny.

Sad Jerry and Bruce look almost identical.

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Plenty of fans out there think that Jerry may have cheated on Beth at some point and sired Bruce, which isn’t so outlandish. He’s about Summer’s age, and we know for a fact that Jerry accidentally got Beth pregnant. However unlikely, it’s possible Jerry had multiple sexual partners at the time. But the sci-fi rabbit hole goes even deeper.

Could Bruce’s mother be a teenager that also goes to Harry Herpson High School thanks to time travel? Specifically, could it be Tricia Lange?

Summer’s best friend (after Tammy was revealed to be an alien spy) has paler skin and long brown hair. Bruce looks like he could be their offspring. The show has featured time travel in the past, along with clones that age at an accelerated rate. Which is to say that stranger things have happened.

This extension of the Jerry-Bruce theory hinges entirely on the post-credits scene from Season 4’s “Promortyus,” which Grammer says is one of her favorite stingers Rick and Morty has ever done.

Jerry talks about his new beekeeping hobby earlier in the episode, and in the post-credits, Tricia watches Jerry tend to his bees. She compliments him from afar, and her comments get more and more suggestive until she outright says, “Summer I want to f—k your dad.”

“I was dying laughing when I read it,” Grammer says of that particular scene. “I talked about it incessantly at Comic-Con about the ‘greatest tag of all time that I can’t tell anyone about.’ It’s one of my favorites — and I get to be in it!”

Interestingly, Trica first appeared in the Jerry-centric episode “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” when Ethan dumped Summer for Tricia. She’s also seen chatting with Morty’s long-time crush Jessica in "Rest and Ricklaxation."

By Season 4’s “Rattlestar Ricklactica,” she’s close enough friends with Summer again to dance in her bedroom to snake jazz. Her latest cameo is, weirdly enough, in the post-credits stinger for the Bruce Chutback episode where the two of them are seen flirting.

Could Bruce and Tricia somehow be related?

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Long brown hair. Pale skin. Bruce and Tricia look like they could be related, which gives this scene potential Back to the Future incest vibes — assuming there is some sci-fi way to explain how Tricia could be his mother. Incest has, after all, become a (literally) huge motif on the show.

Whether or not the Rick and Morty writers intended for viewers to imagine this, we shall never know. Because if there’s anything the show is good at, it’s fueling mysteries for the sake of the mystery alone, and (almost) never following through on the explanation.

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