'Outlander' Season 5 premiere spoilers: 3 major plot points that already leaked

The Fraser clan will experience happiness before contending with more devastating news. Here's what we can expect, based on recently released clips and interviews.

Season 5 of Outlander is nearly here and the coming season will see Claire and Jamie face new trials and tribulations. After a long wait, a variety of preview materials ahead of the premiere hint the Fraser clan will experience some semblance of happiness before contending with more devastating news. Here's what we can expect, based on recently released clips and interviews.

The upcoming premiere, titled “The Fiery Cross,” after Diana Gabaldon’s fifth novel in the series, will waste no time jumping right into the festivities and the action. Here are three big details from the Season 5 premiere that reveal what’s ahead for the Frasers.

Will Brianna and Roger be as happy as Claire and Jamie?


Brianna and Roger will be making it official

While Brianna and Roger were handfast — a traditional Scottish custom binding two people in promised commitment — in Season 4, the couple will formally marry (in front of witnesses) during Outlander’s Season 5 premiere. Expect Jamie and Claire to look on with pride while their daughter takes the next step in her life. Having left the 20th century believing she’d never see her daughter again, Claire will be very emotional.

However, not everything will go over so smoothly. It seems there is still tension between Jamie and Roger from last season and it’ll color how Jamie feels about Brianna's marriage. In a clip from the Season 5 premiere aired on Good Morning America, Jamie expresses doubt that Roger loves Brianna. After all, Roger openly doubted his feelings at the end of Season 4. On the other hand, Claire is convinced that Roger and Brianna are a great match and does her best to soothe Jamie’s fears.

Jamie and Murtagh have been through a lot together.


Governor Tryon will urge Jamie to kill Murtagh

It wouldn’t be Outlander if everything was sunshine and rainbows, right? After the wedding, North Carolina’s Governor Tryon will pay a visit to Jamie to remind him of that pesky obligation to hunt and kill Murtagh Fitzgibbons. It seems Jamie has slyly avoided delivering on his promise to carry out Tryon’s orders.

That makes sense considering Murtagh is near and dear to Jamie’s heart. The visit will surely be the catalyst for the drama to follow, including whether Jamie will ultimately choose to fight with the English in the American Revolution. While there’s hope Murtagh will survive, Sam Heughan seemed to imply that he didn't at a recent screening. We’ll find out soon enough.

Brianna might have a rough season, but she'll always have her parents.


Ruthless pirate Stephen Bonnet is still alive

In Season 4, Brianna time travels back to the 18th century to warn her parents of a potential fire that might kill them both. Before she can find them, however, she's sexually assaulted by the vicious pirate Stephen Bonnet. While Brianna is able to confront him before he dies in a prison explosion, she’ll be devastated to learn that he might still be alive in the Season 5 premiere.

The last we saw of Bonnet, he was making a grab for the prison keys, but the explosion happened immediately after, suggesting he’d died. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. Brianna probably won’t take to the news lightly (and neither will Roger, surely). After all, she’d said her piece to Bonnet before his “death” and, now that he knows Brianna’s baby might be his, it’s possible he’ll be after her and that is a scary thought.

Outlander Season 5 premieres February 16 on Starz.

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