“That’s it Marc... don’t fight it.”

Dude, Where's My Crescent?

New 'Moon Knight' trailer reveals a mind-blowing twist from the comics

Marvel just released a new teaser trailer for the rest of 'Moon Knight,' and it could reveal the show's most shocking plot twist.

If you thought Moon Knight was confusing, just wait. While Episode 1 of Marvel’s new show introduced a superhero with multiple personalities and a snarky ancient Egyptian god, a new trailer reveals just how far down the rabbit hole Oscar Isaac is about to go. However, one moment from the 30-second teaser could reveal where Moon Knight is headed — and which comic reveals its biggest twist.

Moon Knight’s new trailer explained

In a new teaser titled “Secret,” we get a glimpse of what’s coming next in Moon Knight. Marvel mostly uses the trailer to boast about the show’s rave reviews, but it does reveal one particularly shocking moment. Before we go any further, take a look for yourself, and be warned, there are potential spoilers for Moon Knight below.

Marvel clearly knows what the most enticing moment in this trailer is because it’s also the thumbnail on this YouTube video. But let’s take a closer look.

Here’s Oscar Isaac (either Marc Spector or Steven Grant, we’re not sure) lying face-down on the ground and looking a bit dazed and confused:

What’s wrong, Marc?


And here’s a better shot of that thing he’s holding in his hand and looking at:

Batteries not included.


Yes, that’s right, Oscar Isaac’s character is staring at a Moon Knight action figure. That’s pretty weird, and the more we think about it, everything about this scene seems off. Everything is white, including the floors, the walls, and even Marc’s clothing. Could it be he’s in an asylum?

If that’s what’s happening, then perhaps Moon Knight is planning to reveal that none of what we’ve seen so far is real. Instead, Marc Spector could be locked up in a mental hospital where he’s being treated for delusions that he’s a superhero (and a British museum employee).

That might sound wild, even for Moon Knight, but it’s happened before.

Moon Knight’s twist is straight out of the comics

Moon Knight (2016).

Greg Smallwood/Marvel

In comics writer Jeff Lemire’s 2016 Moon Knight run, Marc Spector wakes up in an asylum with memories of being a superhero but no actual powers. More perplexing, his doctors have the medical records to prove he’s been in treatment for his entire life.

Starting there, the story calls Moon Knight’s very existence into question, suggesting everything that came before was a delusion. Of course, it’s not that simple. Eventually, we discover that one of Marc’s doctors is actually the Egyptian god Ammut in disguise (spelled Amit in the Disney+ show).

Ammut in Moon Knight (2016).


Is it possible the Moon Knight show could follow a similar trajectory? Will Amit try to trick Marc into thinking his entire life is a lie? That seems to be where the series is headed, though we have to hope that Marc (or Steven) will see right through Amit’s tricks.

Moon Knight is streaming now on Disney+.

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