Matrix 4 trailer confirms a mind-blowing theory about one dead character

One subtle detail could explain how a specific hero returns.

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One of the greatest mysteries of The Matrix Resurrections is the return of Carrie Ann Moss as Trinity, who met her maker at the end of The Matrix Revolutions. So what gives? Is the Trinity in Matrix 4 a fake? Maybe there’s more to this character than meets the eye. And, as usual, the answer may lie in one of the most overlooked pieces of franchise canon, The Matrix Online.

It’s possible that Trinity did in fact meet her maker in Revolutions, but that maker isn’t who you might think. To understand why Carrie Ann Moss returns in Matrix Resurrections, we’re going to have to talk about one of the weirdest reveals in The Matrix Online: the Biological Interface Program.

The Matrix and the Biological Interface Program

One of the most shocking revelations delivered to fans in the Matrix Online’s intricate plot was that Neo and Trinity were an experiment conducted by the Machines (and specifically the Oracle) to create a perfect synthesis of human DNA and Machine code. The result was the Biological Interface Program (or BIP), which allowed humans to interface with technology without using any sort of extra tools. (The Oracle’s actual plan was to combine humans, programs, and machines into a single entity, thereby ending the conflict between them once and for all.)

Crucially, this explains how Neo was able to do all that Chosen One stuff even when he was in the real world, but what does it mean for Trinity? To understand, we need to take one little detour.

The Matrix and the Oligarchy

Carrie Ann Moss in The Matrix Resurrections.

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The Oligarchy is a group of humans who made a treaty with the Machines before the original conflict between man and robot. As such, these humans are able to live freely both in and outside the Matrix. The only drawback is that their organic bodies eventually deteriorated and they were forced to transfer their consciousnesses into robots. We’ll dive deeper into the Oligarchy in a future article, but for now, that’s all you need to know.

Anyway, the members of the Oligarchy found out about BIP and obviously wanted these robot-human hybrid bodies for themselves. So they recovered DNA from Trinity’s body and trapped her code on their own network. However, Trinity was eventually able to escape and wound up in the Matrix as a spectral figure of golden code.

Here’s where things get really interesting.

Trinity and the Source of the Matrix

Turns out Trinity was more than human all along.

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In the storyline Source of the Matrix, this post-death version of Trinity discovers the truth about the Biological Interface Program. She also learns that she can merge with a human inside the Machine codebase (I know, weird, but stay with me), making good on the Oracle’s original plan in the process.

As a result, the Oligarchy loses control over both the machines and the Matrix. Unfortunately, The Matrix Online went offline for good before Trinity’s story could be complete, but unused outlines suggest her actions would have led to peace between humans and machines, and a new Matrix where people have actual free will.

Fans of The Matrix Online never got to see this plotline play out, but The Matrix Resurrections may have already revealed what happened to Trinity in the end.

Trinity and The Matrix 4

The Matrix’s typical green hue has been replaced with golden light in Resurrections.

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One curious thing in The Matrix Resurrections trailer is that the scenes into the Matrix have lost their greenish palette, replaced by a golden one that floods every frame of the film — kind of like the floating gold code of Trinity in The Matrix Online. The brief scenes we see of Trinity in the trailer also show her delivering some kind of power to Neo similar to what he possessed in the original trilogy.

Is it possible that this new Trinity knows more than we think? If it’s the same Trinity who passed away in Revolutions only to become code, merge with the Machines, and finally bring peace to the Matrix, then she’s way more powerful than the Matrix 4 trailer suggests.

And if that’s true, then the Trinity we know from the original movies is essentially gone. Whatever we get in Resurrections might look like Carrie Ann Moss, but it’s evolved far beyond the character we first met back in 1999.

The Matrix Resurrections premieres December 22 in theaters and on HBO Max.

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