Matrix 4 trailer 2 confirms a controversial Resurrections theory

If this is true, it could explain a lot about the new movie.

A closeup of Morpheus from Matrix

We’re approaching the endgame now. The Matrix Resurrections is slated to reboot the box office on December 22nd, and fans will be pleased that marketing efforts have begun to ramp up, offering limited but tantalizing glimpses at Lana Wachowski’s first solo feature.

There are still many pieces to put together, but the latest trailer, titled “Deja Vu,” contains a few small-but-thrilling additions to the puzzle. Ever since Wachowski recast Morpheus, it’s been theorized that The Matrix Online’s story would be continued in Resurrections. Now, it looks like we may finally have proof that the events of that video game are a part of franchise canon.

After Neo sacrificed himself in Revolutions to rid the Matrix of the Smith virus, there was a moment of clarity and peace for humans living in the real world. The seventh iteration of the simulation had begun, with the Architect and the Oracle amicably agreeing to maintain order. But like Smith said at the moment of his demise, “Everything has a beginning, has an end.”

And the end has certainly arrived. The new trailer depicts the overwhelming scale of a battle breaking out at the Machine City. We’ve visited the harvesting fields and the source before, but only with the guidance of Neo and Trinity. This time around, the humans are bringing the fight to the source.

A massive battle breaks out at Machine City. Is the truce Neo brokered broken?

Warner Bros.

In an interesting juxtaposition to the Revolutions’ finale, this brink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment from the “Deja Vu” trailer seemingly confirms the continuation of The Matrix Online’s lore. So what does that mean?

Well, the ceasefire/treaty brokered by Neo and depicted in The Matrix Online allows the following:

  • Red Pills (humans) can free the minds of those looking to leave the simulation, with no interference from machines.
  • Agents are put into place to safeguard the simulation from potential destabilization.
  • Zion remains unharmed by the Machines, as do any human-controlled hovercraft ships

But what does this mean for the narrative of Matrix Resurrections? Rumors of Neo’s survival were spread by a Morpheus Simulacrum (a digitized version of Morpheus, created by The General, a rogue Sentinel who refused to recognize the treaty). Urging all humans to believe Neo could be freed from machine captivity, he also foretold of a second conflict. Humans would need to prepare for the chaos to arrive.

The return of Neo?

Warner Bros.

Could the new “Morpheus” be a warning signal from The General? If so, we do know the real-world manifestation of Neo will be rescued by a new crew. Perhaps this is a crew headed up by Niobe, and if it is, Neo’s reinsertion to the simulation willingly sparks even more curiosity. It’ll be interesting to see how Neo’s reappearance affects civilization among the Zionites.

Yet, as per The Matrix Online, the humans would need to have evacuated Zion to rebuild in a safer location. Whether we will see this remains a mystery. For all we know, this battle at Machine City could be a flashback sequence detailing the origins of the Matrix itself.

The Matrix Resurrections is lining itself up to be an ambitious blockbuster to see out 2021, approaching expanded lore far in a truly unique fashion for high-budget filmmaking.

You’ll need to wait just a little while longer before we venture down the rabbit hole again.

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