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Huge Marvel leak allegedly reveals 13 more MCU Phase 4 spoilers

13 new nuggets of info, including some massive casting news.

The world of Marvel leaks is truly the Wild West. There’s no way to really know what’s true and what’s not until it’s too late — and until then? Anything goes.

Usually, leaks can usually be dismissed as stabs in the dark until it’s revealed that yes, we’re really going to see White Vision or yes, that’s really Elaine from Seinfeld as a villainous (if not barefoot) Contessa. But sometimes there’s a leak that is so wild, so swinging-for-the-fences in nature, it seems like something that can’t be made up.

This is one of those leaks.

A huge Marvel leak

Again, a word of advice: take all of this with the chunkiest grain of salt you can find. Keep the expectations in check and read on accordingly.

With that said, an alleged leak was shared on Reddit, originally hailing from 4chan, with detailed casting and plot spoilers for every single Marvel property in development, from Loki and Thor 4 to distant future works like She-Hulk. Aside from all these supposed leaks, there are also some wild casting rumors that could change the MCU as we know it.

The leaks range from the logical, like the fact the “fake characters” in Thor 4 are nothing more than comic relief cameos, to the absurd, like speculation Kate Bishop would join up with John Walker as US Agent at the end of Hawkeye.

Could John Walker recruit Hawkeye’s protégé?

Marvel Entertainment

Other “highlights,” if you want to call them that, include the following potentially major spoilers:

  • The Greek Gods are coming to Thor: Love and Thunder, with Russell Crowe as Zeus.
  • Idris Elba will not only be back in the next Thor but will also have a role in Loki.
  • Clint Barton will retire at the end of Hawkeye, and this time? It’s for real.

Maybe the most exciting “leak,” should any of this pan out, is this apparent list of actors who have all been cast in undisclosed roles within the MCU:

  • Charlie Hunnam
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  • Kiernan Shipka
  • Jim Carrey
  • Gwendoline Christie
  • Michelle Dockery
  • Richard Armitage

Could Sabrina the Teenage Witch Kiernan Shipka move to another comic book universe?


Again, these leaks are completely unfounded, but it’s enticing to think about things like the Disney+ series Hawkeye serving as Jeremy Renner’s swan song, where he passes on the name to Kate Bishop — and steps away from the role forever.

That could still very well happen — just maybe not because of these deeply dubious leaks.

The Inverse Analysis — 4chan leaks will forever be asterisked, and this one is no different. It shouldn’t be treated as gospel by any means, but more like speculation.

What if Jim Carrey joined the MCU? Who would he play? Could Red Hulk really show up in She-Hulk? Will Kang and Hela make cameos in Loki?

We won’t really know the truth of these leaks until the shows and movies release, so for now, again, keep that chunk of salt handy.

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