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Mandalorian Season 3 leaked trailer could confirm a shocking Season 2 theory

Mando may have a new ally.

Pedro Pascal as Mando in the "Mandalorian" series

The Mandalorian Season 3 has its work cut out for it. Thanks to a sneaky prologue in an episode of The Book of Boba Fett, we know that Din Djarin is looking to get back in the Mandalorians’ good graces after breaking their rules and taking off his helmet to save young Grogu. But, beyond the fact that he has to bathe in the “living waters of the mines of Mandalore,” the finer details of this quest still remain a mystery.

Now, however, part of the teaser shown to audiences at Star Wars Celebration has leaked, and it include a seemingly innocuous shot that could reveal a secret turncoat who’s been waiting in the wings for the past two seasons.

The leaked trailer contains plenty to get excited about. A bunch of Babu Friks! The ruins of Mandalore! Paratrooping Mandalorians! But one of the most exciting aspects was also the most mundane: There’s a split-second shot of Katy O’Brian’s Comms Officer checking over her shoulder.

You may not recognize this character, but she’s been at Moff Gideon’s side throughout The Mandalorian. We’ve never seen her by herself, however, so this moment raises a lot of questions. Could this officer, a character so minor we don’t even know her name, be an invaluable asset for the Mandalorians?

The Comms Officer as seen in Season 2 of The Mandalorian.


Theories circling the Comms Officer aren’t new. For a while, it was thought she might even be Rebels’ Sabine Wren in disguise. While that may not have been correct, the idea that she’s more than just a background character appears to have been on the money.

The behind-the-scenes aspects of her character would support this theory too. Katy O’Brian was an up-and-comer while filming The Mandalorian, but she’s since got her big break; she’ll play the female bodybuilder opposite Kristen Stewart in Saint Maud director Rose Glass’ new movie, Love Lies Bleeding. What better way to take advantage of a soon-to-be big name than to give her character a juicy storyline in the upcoming Mandalorian season?

Could this character be the key to defeating Dr. Pershing?


But just how could this low-level officer help take down the remnants of the Empire? In another shot of the teaser, she’s shown walking and talking with the mysterious Dr. Pershing, the scientist who spearheaded the cloning experiments that targeted young Grogu.

A sudden turn in loyalties for her would be a slam dunk for The Mandalorian: She’s a character hiding in plain sight, she’s about to become a recognizable face, and she’s featured in this teaser. It’s only a matter of time before we see just how she’ll factor into the show’s new season.

The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.

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