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The Mandalorian's newest weapon is a huge Ahsoka spoiler hidden in plain sight

Just when you had the finale figured out.

Mando's got a new toy. While most of Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian focused on the live-action debut of Ahsoka Tano and the possibility of her training Grogu (formerly known as Baby Yoda), Din Djarin had an adventure of his own. Thanks to Ahsoka's defeat of Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth, Mando has his hands on a weapon that changes everything we thought was coming in Season 2. Let's break it down.

Mando's price for bounty hunting is high, but the Magistrate offers him an enticing prize to kill Ahsoka — a staff made of pure beskar. Obviously, he doesn't deliver, and Ahsoka proves to be a formidable ally, awarding him the staff after she defeats Elsbeth. Like Cobb Vanth, she recognizes beskar should be with a Mandalorian.

It's an easy detail to miss, but Chapter 13 changed a huge aspect of Star Wars canon. It was thought that beskar could only withstand glancing blows from lightsabers, but when Mando first encounters Ahsoka, he uses his beskar wristguards to completely block her lightsaber strikes. Later, when Ahsoka duels with the Magistrate, the staff holds up against two different lightsabers, proving itself as an equal to what was previously an unequaled weapon throughout the galaxy.

The Magistrate wields the staff against Ahsoka.


This changes a lot of speculation around the last few episodes of Season 2. Previously, it was thought Mando would work together with a Jedi in a final confrontation with Moff Gideon because the only match for his Darksaber would be a lightsaber. However, now that beskar is confirmed to be completely lightsaber-proof, Mando could take on the Moff with nothing but his armor and the Magistrate's staff.

This is a little disappointing, as a big team-up was a highlight of Season 1. However, it doesn't mean that it's completely impossible. Ahsoka, Cobb Vanth, Bo-Katan, or even Boba Fett could come rushing to Mando's aid in the season's last episodes. The inclusion of a weapon that can fend off a lightsaber just means it's not necessary.

The Magistrate managed to disarm one of Ahsoka's lightsabers with the staff.


Mando's suit has always been his superpower, but in the Star Wars universe, nothing could hold a candle to sabers. This has been suitable for The Mandalorian so far, as all the weaponized combat has been blaster-based. But now that sabers are thrown in the mix, it's good to know his armor is still useful, and that he now has a weapon that could spell Moff Gideon's downfall. Still, it'd be nice if some of Mando's old friends helped along the way.

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