Does Madame Web Have a Post-Credit Scene? A Spoiler-Free Guide

Should you stick to your seats, or swing out after the credits roll?

Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb in Madame Web
Sony Pictures

You can take the Spider-Man out of the Spider-Verse, but will you be left with anything of consequence? With Madame Web, Sony Pictures continues to explore that controversial hypothetical. Its latest effort makes Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (formerly known as the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters) that much bigger, playing with space, time, and destiny to introduce a fresh group of webcrawlers to the world.

Does any of it work? No... not really. Sony has yet to justify its Spider-Verse — or match even a fraction of Venom’s conspiratorial camp. Madame Web is little more than an attempt to reinforce Sony’s hold on the Spider-Man property, and not a particularly enthusiastic one. That said, the “SSU” is likely here to stay — and with Marvel expanding into a multiverse, we best get used to it.

Like it or not, Madame Web seems poised to redefine the SSU. But what happens after the credits roll? Does Madame Web honor Marvel’s long-held affinity for credits scenes?

Let’s break down what happens at the end of Madame Web, without dipping into spoilers, of course.

Does Madame Web have any credits scenes?

Madame Web brings a group of Spider-Women together — but will their adventures continue after the film?

Sony Pictures

No, Madame Web does not have any credits scenes. You’re free to head out as soon as the credits start rolling. Of course, it’d be nice to honor the work of the long-suffering people who contributed to this film, whether you actually enjoyed it or not. But there’s no obligation to stay for some multiversal tie-in or quippy stinger.

Madame Web itself is mercifully self-contained. It sticks to an origin story, of sorts, for its eponymous heroine, also known as Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson). With the addition of future Spider-Women like Julia Carpenter (Sydney Sweeney), Mattie Franklin (Celeste O’Connor), and Anya Corazon (Isabela Merced), Madame Web is setting up an ambitious Spider-World. Whether their adventures continue in another film remains to be seen — but for now, we can consider Madame Web a one-off.

Madame Web hits theaters on February 14.

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