Loki Season 2 Theory Could Blow Up the MCU's Most Contentious Element

It’s time to put a new man in charge.

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Loki Season 2 has a lot on its plate. After Sylvie eradicated the Sacred Timeline at the end of Season 1, Kang the Conqueror took over the Time Variance Authority and completely reworked it. Now it’s up to Loki and Mobius to somehow put things right again. But just how are they supposed to manage that? The answer may lie in combining a closer look at Ke Huy Quan’s costume with a rumor and a mythological figure.

Redditor TheMediocreCritic suggests Ke Huy Quan’s character’s name may hold the key to the entire series. TVA agent Mobius was named after a Möbius strip, a mathematical example of a non-orientable surface representing infinity. An old rumor from leaker DanielRPK suggests Ke Huy Quan’s character will have a similar name: Ouroboros, or B-O for short, which is quite the unfortunate nickname. The loops on his jacket certainly seem to allude to the name, or at least some name also representing infinity.

The Ouroboros, a symbol of a snake eating its tail, comes from Norse mythology. It’s associated with Jörmungandr, a giant serpent who’s the son of Loki, and it also represents infinity.

Don’t think too hard about Loki’s role in Jörmungandr’s parentage.


But what does this have to do with the TVA? Well, in Season 1, Miss Minutes revealed the “Sacred Timeline” was created after a massive multiversal war. Now that Sylvie has destroyed it, another war looms. Perhaps Loki will have to father the Sacred Timeline again; it’s possible the events of Loki are caught in an infinite loop, and the Timeline will have to be created and destroyed over and over. If multiversal war is the only result of destroying the Timeline, and the Timeline is the only way to end the war, then the cycle might be infinite.

The show’s many references to infinity and repetition were always there: the Norse ties to Jörmungandr are the final piece of a puzzle that leads back to Loki himself, although just what that means for the MCU remains to be seen. Marvel’s multiverse era has been meandering, and now the star portraying its big bad, Jonathan Majors, has found himself in a heap of legal trouble. Reestablishing the Sacred Timeline with Loki at its head could be a way for Marvel to sweep its biggest storytelling excesses under the rug... at least until another villain rises up to challenge the system again.

Loki premieres October 6 on Disney+.

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