Hoops cast members reveal what could happen next in Season 2

Will Netflix's newest adult animated series get renewed? Here's everything you need to know about Hoops Season 2.

Netflix released its latest R-rated animated series last week, and while Hoops wasn't a hit with critics, it still managed to crack into the streaming service's Top 10 rankings. Currently perched at number 8 in the U.S. as of Monday morning, Hoops seems destined for a Season 2 renewal (especially after that cliffhanger ending).

To find out more, we asked the cast of Hoops what they hope will happen in Season 2. Here are their answers, along with everything else we know about the Netflix cartoon's possible future.

What will happen in Hoops Season 2?

Inverse asked Natasha Leggero (Ben's ex-wife Shannon), Ron Funches (assistant coach Ron), and Cleo King (Principal Opal) what they want to see happen with their characters in Hoops Season 2. Here's what they said.

Ron Funches: "I just want to sleep with more of Ben’s exes. I think that would be a great thing for me just to constantly go through being like, ‘Look, you had the rest, now try the best.' But truly, when I look comedically outside myself, I think it would be fun for Ben and Ron to switch mindsets for a while, maybe when Ben gets his shit together we see Ron get crazy and fall apart and we see what he’s like if he lost his fucking mind, I think that would be fun.”

Natasha Leggero: Yeah, I love that, and I think that would be a fun dynamic for Shannon too because there’s some part of her that’s still in love with Ben. I think if he did get his shit together she could go there a little bit, but then of course it wouldn’t end well.”

Cleo King: "I want to see Opal with a boyfriend! She needs a steady guy. Opal is ready for that. So she can sing to him and make love to him and kiss him. More than anything she wants to kiss him. So Opal needs a real boyfriend. I want that for her. I want her to experience that."

Opal in 'Hoops'Netflix

Is Hoops renewed for Season 2 or canceled?

Netflix hasn't announced either way what's next for Hoops, but that's no surprise. The streaming giant typically waits at least a few weeks after a show's premiere to decide whether it deserves to be newed.

The show's apparent success (it's currently trending on Netflix, whatever that means) and the current interest in making animated shows at a time when assembling a group of actors and crew members in person is particularly difficult both suggest Season 2 will happen eventually. Then again, the show's embarrassing Rotten Tomatoes score (18% from critics, 47% from fans) suggests this could be the end for Hoops.

Is there a Hoops Season 2 release date?

Not yet. If the show is renewed, it could take almost a year to finish Season 2. Typically, it takes about a month to make one episode of a cartoon. Season 1 was 10-episodes-long, so if that's the case again it could be 10 months from whenever the show is renewed. At best, we're looking at a June 2021 release date for Hoops Season 2.

Is there a trailer for Hoops Season 2?

See above. We probably won't get a trailer until just before Season 2 releases, though there might be some sort of announcement teaser to accompany the news if Netflix chooses to renew Hoops.

'Hoops' Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.Netflix
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