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The Flash Season 7 trailer reveals Iris vs. Iris, a returning villain

The Flash Season 7 trailer has finally arrived.

It's been a long hiatus for The Flash fans. Production was shut down in March due to the pandemic, leaving the The CW series three episodes shy of completing Season 6 as planned. With Episode 19 serving as The Flash's unintended Season 6 finale, fans have been waiting patiently to find out whether Barry will regain his powers and if Iris will finally make it out of the mirror world.

Enter DC FanDome. The virtual event where the multiverse consisting of the DCEU, DCTV, and much more collide to provide fans from all over the world the chance to watch exciting panels and preview upcoming projects.

The cast of The CW's The Flash — Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, and more — were in attendance alongside showrunner and executive producer Eric Wallace to discuss Season 6 and preview what to expect in Season 7. Of course, the panel included a first look trailer for Season 7.

You can watch the Season 7 trailer of The Flash below.

The minute and a half teaser is a mix of footage from Season 6, including unseen footage of the season's twentieth episode that is now considered part of Season 7. The trailer answers the question about what happened to Iris, who began shifting into reflective prisms before disappearing from the mirror world. It left fans guessing as to where she might have gone, especially considering how the mirror world was affecting her mental state.

This Iris is a product of real Iris' "broken mind."

The CW

Thanks to the trailer, we know Iris is still inside the mirror world. She's alive and is going through a psychological battle with various versions of herself. It's unclear if these versions are a figment of her imagination or a result of the mirror world influencing her mind. Nonetheless, we see at least two distinct iterations of Iris — the one we were introduced to in the The Flash pilot and an older version of Iris from 2049 (who appeared in Season 5's "Godspeed").

At one point, Iris says, "Keep watching, keep trying to break me because I'm not afraid of the woman that I am today. But, you are, Eva."

We know Eva escaped the mirror world two episodes before the Season 6 finale. It's possible that Iris is speaking to Eva because she's returned to the reflective universe or this quote comes when Iris (hopefully) escapes from the mirror and confronts Eva in the real world.

Top has returned.

The CW

A familiar villain also returns in the footage. In Season 3, Top made an appearance and her return marks an interesting twist fans may not have seen coming. In a conversation with Cecile, Top tells her that her powers as an empath haven't been fully tapped into because she's too afraid. Top flashes her eyes and Cecile's own eyes turn green. Did Top whammy her with her vertigo-style powers?

Barry's speed has been dwindling for some time.

The CW

What’s more, the trailer also tells us Barry has a few hours left before his speed is gone. He plans on creating an artificial speed force to get it back in time to save Central City from a new disaster (and hopefully be able to get his wife out of the mirror world as well). To do so, he recruits Chester P. Runk to assist him and the rest of Team Flash.

After The Flash Season 6 finale aired, Grant Gustin shared a fun stunt video that he'd filmed for the unaired episode. Knowing that he was back in his Flash suit, it's possible that Barry will have his powers back before the end of this episode. After all, the series has never let the scarlet speedster run too slow for too long and he has more than a bit of saving left to do.

The Flash Season 7 will premiere in January 2021 on The CW.

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