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Deleted Civil War scene reveals a major threat in Falcon and Winter Soldier

Baron Zemo is more vicious than we thought.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will have a lot on their plate in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. A brief teaser for the upcoming Disney+ series saw Falcon in pursuit of potential Hydra soldiers, while the Winter Soldier faced off against Baron Zemo. The villain last appeared in Captain America: Civil War. While he largely schemed from the sidelines, a newly revealed deleted scene from the movie reveals just how big a threat Zemo could be in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The scene is part of the Infinity Saga box set collection (via Reddit), a super-deluxe physical edition of all the MCU movies released last November. In it, Baron Zemo shows up at an auction where the “weapons, artifacts, and advanced equipment” used by the Winter Soldier are being sold. As the bidding begins, the auctioneer pauses and turns to Baron Zemo, who’s sitting quietly amongst the group.

Baron Zemo could prove to be a much bigger threat.


Zemo is quickly singled out as someone who doesn’t belong, and when the auctioneer signals for his removal, he puts on a gas mask while everyone else in the room collapses and dies. It’s a brutal move. Zemo bypasses the weaponry (and the dead bodies) in pursuit of something far more valuable: the Hydra diary with information pertaining to the Winter Soldier.

The deleted scene is much different from the one that made it into the theatrical version of Civil War, where Zemo breaks into a house to obtain the Hydra diary. While it’s unclear why the Russos opted out of including the auction scene, perhaps it’s because they didn’t want to make Zemo seem so violent at first. He isn’t exactly a traditional antagonist, choosing to play the long game rather than face the Avengers out in the open. This auction scene doesn't really fit with that.

Baron Zemo wears his iconic mask.


That said, it’s possible elements of this scene could influence The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. After all, Baron Zemo is back as a villain for the Disney+ series, and we know he’ll be causing all sorts of mayhem for Sam and Bucky. In the teaser footage, he’s eerily calm when Bucky points a gun at his face. There’s a chance Zemo still wants revenge on Captain America, but ends up battling the Avenger’s friends instead.

If the deleted Civil War scene proves anything, it’s how incredibly ruthless and violent Zemo can actually be. While his presence doesn’t bode well for the titular characters, perhaps Falcon and the Winter Soldier will finally allow Zemo to live up to his full potential and turn him into the menacing villain of the comics.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will come to Disney+ in 2020.

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