Event Horizon TV Adaptation Gets a Promising Update From Director Adam Wingard

“It's definitely in the works,” Wingard tells Inverse.

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Adam Wingard is a busy guy. After breaking out with the 2011 home-invasion thriller, You’re Next, he directed a handful of horror movies before finding himself in the MonsterVerse. Wingard’s now coming off seven years working on back-to-back sequels with 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong (he first joined the project in 2017) and the upcoming kaiju team-up Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (which hits theaters March 29). Along the way, he’s racked up some other exciting projects — Face/Off! Event Horizon! Thundercats! — and now that the dust has settled from Kong and Godzilla’s latest smackdown, he may finally have time to bring those movies and shows to life.

“We have a fucking amazing script.”

First up? Potentially, Wingard’s take on the 1997 sci-fi movie Event Horizon, which, as of 2019, was being developed by Amazon and Paramount Television. Wingard tells Inverse that while there’s still plenty of work to be done, the TV adaptation of Paul W. S. Anderson’s cult classic film about a crew of astronauts who encounter a demonic force is already looking good.

“It’s definitely in the works,” Wingard says of the Event Horizon streaming series. “I’ve just been in Godzilla land for so long. I wouldn’t say that there’s definitive traction in terms of it moving forward, but we have a fucking amazing script. Once this movie’s over, it’s just about refocusing my attention towards getting that set up.”

Sam Neill in Event Horizon.

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As for his planned Face/Off sequel, updates on the highly anticipated follow-up to the Nicolas Cage and John Travolta movie about a cop and a criminal who literally switch faces have been mixed. In an interview with io9, Wingard recently revealed that the writers’ strike delayed plans for a script rewrite. However, while speaking to Inverse, he suggested that Face/Off 2 is in better shape than the headlines suggest.

“After the last couple days of press, I’m trying not to say too much about any of these projects because it just gets taken out of context,” Wingard says. “I mean, yesterday I was giving what I thought was a pretty positive update about Face/Off, and then the headline is ‘Disappointing update on Face/Off 2.’ It’s like, you know what? I’m just not going to fucking mention any of this.”

“The script for Face/Off 2 is fucking awesome.”

Then, perhaps giving it a second thought, Wingard offers a glimmer of hope.

“But what I will say is, the script for Face/Off 2 is fucking awesome. And I’ve met Nic Cage and Travolta, and we all hit it off. So we’ll see.”

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire will trample a theater near you on March 29.

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