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The Eternals Funko Pop leak reveals a terrifying new Marvel Phase 4 villain

A new leak suggests the Eternals may be fighting the greatest Deviant foe of all, and it could have big implications for the MCU.

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Primed to be the next major entry into Marvel’s Phase Four, details surrounding The Eternals and its plot remain a bit of a mystery. The film is set to follow the titular characters in their centuries-long battle to protect the Earth from the Deviants, the Eternals’ mutated counterparts. While the Deviants are assumed to be the film’s primary antagonists, a leaked list Eternals Funko Pops may reveal a far more threatening MCU villain.

Warning! Possible spoilers ahead for The Eternals.

A Funko Pop leak (via Twitter) recently revealed a plethora of Eternals characters that would be getting their very own vynil figures soon. Listed among the names was Kro, a character who went unannounced when the film’s cast took to the stage at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. If true, then the Eternals will be facing an incredibly powerful foe with a unique and complicated history.

Kro is powerful enough to wield Thor's hammer.


First appearing in The Eternals #1, Kro is the leader of the Deviants and a renowned military strategist, having often commanded the Deviant army in times of war. A shapeshifting immortal with healing powers, the super-powered humanoid has quite the penchant for manipulating humans and his fellow Deviants alike.

Unlike the other Deviants, however, his powers are much closer to that of an Eternal. Kro has spent thousands of years hiding his immortality from the superhero group, assuming a different identity to keep up the ruse. It’s rather devious, but he seems to be the most intelligent of the bunch and, in more recent comic book stories, convinces them that he’s a descendant of the real Kro.

Kro has also tricked humanity into thinking he was the devil to control them, reshaping his form to include horns on his head. Naturally, the Deviant leader has always hated the Eternals — Ikaris more so than any of the others — and one of his biggest comic book arcs involved sacking the city of Olympia (the Eternals’ primary home) and capturing them. Later on, he would battle Ghaur, a Deviant priest-lord who was trying to rule over the underwater city of Lemuria.

Kro and... Thena?


However, Kro’s status as the Eternals’ most threatening foe is often foiled by his on and off again relationship with Thena, the Eternals’ leader. Kro finds himself an occasional and reluctant ally of the Eternals due to his love for Thena, which is complicated even further by the fact that they also have children together. In fact, the pair often rescue each other despite the Deviants and Eternals’ obvious feud.

With all that in mind, Kro’s potential appearance in The Eternals may have been kept under wraps due to the secretive nature of his relationship with Thena, who is played by Angelina Jolie in the film. If the leak is true, then Kro’s involvement offers a better idea of what the Eternals are up against and how the story might play out.

What’s more, if Kro and Thena’s star-crossed-lovers storyline is adapted in the film, then it’s possible she'll get in the way of the Eternals’ victory. Their complicated relationship throws a wrench into the Deviant/Eternal rivalry and it’s anyone’s guess how that might play out onscreen.

The Eternals is scheduled to hit theaters on November 6.

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