Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 Release Date, Time, Trailer, and Plot

Everything you need to know about the 15th Doctor's first big adventure this Christmas.

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The Doctor Who 60th anniversary celebration has come and gone, but there’s still time for a new episode — and a new Doctor — before we ring in 2024. The 2023 Christmas special “The Church on Ruby Road” will see Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor crossing paths with his soon-to-be companion, Ruby Sunday, one Christmas Eve.

But just when can you watch this? This episode will arrive on its new streaming home of Disney+ at an unusual time to coincide with its original BBC air time, so here’s everything you need to know about streaming the episode as soon as possible.

What is “The Church on Ruby Road” Release Date?

Returning showrunner Russell T. Davies is bringing the Doctor Who Christmas special back to the holiday itself, not on New Year’s Day like all the 13th Doctor’s specials. Therefore, you can watch “The Church on Ruby Road” on Monday, December 25, the perfect accompaniment to a wintery day.

Where is “The Church on Ruby Road” Streaming?

Doctor Who has a new showrunner, a new Doctor, and a new streaming home: Disney+, where all new episodes including the 60th anniversary specials will be available to stream as soon as they begin airing in the U.K., so there’s no need to avoid spoilers online if you know when to tune in.

Millie Gibson’s character Ruby Sunday forms the center of “The Church on Ruby Road.”

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What Time is “The Church on Ruby Road” Streaming?

The Christmas BBC One schedule is packed with iconic movies all day long, with breaks for a Christmas Morning Service from Manchester Cathedral, a message from the King, and then finally the Christmas specials of Strictly Come Dancing (the UK version of Dancing with the Stars) and Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is slated for a 5:55 pm GMT release date, meaning it’ll be available to stream on Disney+ at 12:55 p.m. EST and 9:55 a.m. PST. The schedule also reveals the episode will be 55 minutes long, so you can mark that hour off now.

Is There a Trailer for “The Church on Ruby Road?”

There is, and it’s got everything from goblins to dance parties and everything in between. Check it out below.

What Is “The Church on Ruby Road” About?

The Christmas special will set up the next season, when Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor and new companion Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson, will travel all over time and space. But first, they have to meet. The official synopsis for the episode is: “Long ago, on Christmas Eve, a baby was abandoned in the snow. Today, Ruby Sunday meets the Doctor, goblins, stolen babies and, perhaps, the secret of her birth.”

It’s a grand adventure suitable for the occasion, and now there are only a few days to wait to see it for yourself.

Doctor Who “The Church on Ruby Road” premieres Monday, December 25 on Disney+.

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