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Everything we know about a possible Season 4 of Dark

Never say neither ever, nor never.

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On June 27, 2020, the world of Dark ended. In-universe, that was the actual date of the apocalypse, and in real life, that was the day Netflix made Season 3 available to stream. The show's latest season has been a massive success, catapulting it to the top ten TV shows on Netflix. Surely Netflix would want more of such a popular show, even if the third season wrapped things up pretty conclusively.

Here's everything we know about a possible Dark Season 4.

Adult Alt-Martha in the bunker


Will there be a Dark Season 4?

Unlike most other Netflix original series, Dark wasn't canceled by Netflix. The creator, Baran bo Odar, said on Instagram that he envisioned the series as a three-season run from the beginning. This makes sense, especially considering all the trinity imagery found in the series: three worlds, three generations, thirty-three years per cycle.

However, the show's success could persuade Odar and Netflix to revisit the world of Dark, possibly for some sort of sequel series or spin-off.

Jonas and Alt-Martha in the "Matrix"


When could Dark Season 4 come out?

If Dark Season 4 were to happen, it would probably be quite a long time before we'd be able to see it. Between the pandemic delays and the leisurely pace this show's production has taken in the past, a release in 2023 or later would probably be the most likely option.

Still, considering the wait fans have put in for the previous seasons, this wouldn't pose too much of a hurdle. The show is worth the wait.

What's the possible plot of Dark Season 4?

The last scene of 'Dark' Season 3


The very last line of Dark referenced Hannah’s unborn child in the Genesis world, the world where none of the time travel ever happened. Hannah suggests Jonas as a name. Could this new Jonas be the protagonist of a new series? His father is Torben Wöller, not Michael/Mikkel Kahnwald, so he would look considerably different, but it wouldn’t be the first time there was an alternate Jonas that looked different; just look at Adam.

Are there any spin-offs of Dark coming?

If anything is coming from the Dark universe, it would most likely be a spin-off, considering how satisfied the show’s creators were with how it concluded. There is no news as of yet about any spin-offs of Dark. But considering how much the show spans location—and time—there is a whole universe of options to explore for new material.

All three seasons of Dark are currently streaming on Netflix.

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