We Finally Know What the Community Movie is About

Time to go back to school one last time.


“Six Seasons and a Movie” became the calling card for fans of Dan Harmon’s college-set sitcom Community, and after it was canceled by NBC, Community did finally get six seasons courtesy of the short-lived streaming service Yahoo! Screen.

A movie seemed like a long shot, but almost a decade after Season 6 streamed, it’s finally coming to NBC streamer Peacock. We now know exactly what happens in it, and the plot details may even reveal a massive meta-twist.

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Community star Donald Glover revealed the plot synopsis of the script, which he previously said was completed.

Glover, and the rest of Community’s regular cast, has expressed interest in returning for the movie.


“Yeah, [Dan Harmon] told me what he wanted, and I was like, ‘This sounds great,’” Glover said. “It’s a college reunion, but Abed (Danny Pudi) is like this big director now, and basically this is his magnum opus.”

These are the first plot details we’ve heard, and it sounds exactly like what Community would come up with. Some of the series’ best episodes centered around Abed’s moviemaking adventures, which could get insightful, emotional, and very weird.

But Glover’s comments raise a big question. Is the Community movie about Abed making a movie, or is the movie itself an in-universe movie created by Abed about his old community college friends?

The plot synopsis reveals Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) really made it as a director.


The latter option may be the best choice, or at least the most intriguing. Community has always had a reputation for referencing its own existence as a sitcom, usually through Abed treating his own life like a television show. Making the Community movie — the foretold final installment of the series — one long meta-joke about Abed’s filmmaking ambitions could be the perfect way to say goodbye. But whatever happens, the enduring love fans have for these characters proves it’s worth re-enrolling at Greendale Community College one last time.

Community is streaming on Netflix.

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