We Now Know More About Captain America: Brave New World Thanks to a McDonald’s Leak

The cowards at A&W, meanwhile, refuse to comment.

Marvel Studios

The faces of Marvel’s greatest heroes are changing. Kate Bishop is the new Hawkeye-esque archer, Yelena Belova is the new Black Widow, and Sam Wilson is the new Captain America. Notably, Wilson’s promotion from Falcon leaves a sidekick vacancy we know will be filled by Sam’s Air Force pal Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez) in Captain America: Brave New World. Now we’ve learned what this new iteration of the Falcon will look like, even if the source of this information wasn’t quite what we expected.

Twitter user @UpToTASK posted a McDonald’s ad featuring our first look at the Falcon’s new costume, a deep green suit. It’s quite similar to the super suit seen in the original Marvel comics, just not as avian.

Joaquin Torres’ green comic book costume.

Marvel Comics

This suggests Torres isn’t just an adaptation of the comic character in name only. If the MCU’s version has a costume similar to his comic counterpart, there will likely be other similarities too. In the comics, Joaquin Torres is a Mexican immigrant who was kidnapped, experimented on, and turned into a man-bird hybrid. When Sam Wilson’s Captain America rescued him, he assumed the name Falcon and became Sam’s sidekick. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has already established Torres as an Air Force officer, and animal mutation is a bit out there for the MCU, but the kidnapping or other biographical details could power Torres’ transition from soldier to superhero.

With Captain America: Brave New World not releasing until 2025, there’s not too much speculation that can be done, but any new info is welcome. Strangely, McDonald’s has become a reliable source of Brave New World intel. Last week, a Brazilian McDonald’s ad revealed Happy Meal toys of all the major characters, including Red Hulk, the villain Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross is rumored to transform into.

Joaquin Torres previously appeared in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where Sam Wilson took Captain America’s mantle.

Marvel Studios

That’s not the first time a major Marvel reveal happened through McDonald’s advertising. In 2023, ahead of Loki Season 2, an ad for the fast food chain revealed Sylvie was hiding in a rural McDonald’s. That ad, however, was official, while these reveals are unconfirmed by Marvel. While they’re exciting, there’s still a possibility the movie will go in a different direction. Still, it appears the new iteration of the Falcon will have a major role in Brave New World, and have a fresh look to match the fresh face donning the wings.

Captain America: Brave New World premieres in theaters on February 14, 2025.

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