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Everything You Need to Know About DCU’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold

A new Batman (and his deadly protégé) will rise in the DCU.

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James Gunn’s favorite Robin is “a little son of a ... !” The ambitious co-head of DC Studios sat down in front of a camera this past week and summarized his plan for the new DCU universe. “Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters” includes a Swamp Thing horror flick, a True Detective take on Green Lantern, an Amanda Waller-centric show, a group of outcast Nazi-fighters, and a new Batman and Robin feature film, The Brave and The Bold.

“This is the introduction of the DCU’s Batman. It is not Robert Pattinson. It is not Ben Affleck,” Gunn said. “[T]his is a story of Damian Wayne, who is Batman’s actual son, who we didn’t know existed for the first eight to 10 years of his life. He was raised as a little murderer and assassin.”

Here’s everything we know about The Brave and The Bold so far.

What is the release window for The Brave and The Bold?

That’s to be determined, but it won’t be for a while.

The first chapter of Gunn’s plan will consist of 10 interconnected movies and TV shows, with several films and series premiering yearly. Superman: Legacy, with its planned release date of July 11, 2025, is meant to serve as the introduction to the new DCU, so The Brave and the Bold can’t release until after Superman has come and gone from theaters.

It’s also likely that The Brave and The Bold will want to avoid clashing with Matt Reeves’ Batman 2, which swoops into theatres with Robert Pattinson on October 3, 2025. So make plans to see this one in 2026 or later.

Is there a The Brave and The Bold poster or trailer?

Not yet, but we’ll update this page as soon as there is one.

Who is in the cast for The Brave and The Bold?

The cast hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s safe to assume that Batman and Damian Wayne will need to be cast with talent willing to stick around for several live-action projects, animated shows, and video games throughout this inaugural “chapter” of the DCU, and potentially beyond it. Again, we’ll update as soon as there’s word.

Damian Wayne was introduced to the DC Comics universe in 2006 by Grant Morrison.

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What is the plot of The Brave and The Bold?

All we know thus so far is that The Brave and The Bold is based on Grant Morrison’s comic book story arc Batman and Son.

The story introduced Damian Wayne, the fifth Robin to work with Batman. Damian was born from a love affair between Batman and Talia al Ghul, the daughter of one of his most dangerous enemies, Ra’s al Ghul. He was trained by the League of Assassins, and the arc begins with Talia using Damian to disrupt Batman’s vigilante duties (and, inadvertently, his Bruce Wayne duties, too).

Man-Bat, Joker, Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, and Jason Todd all appear in Batman and Son as well, although how many will make the transition to the film is still an open question. It’s worth noting, however, that Peter Safran, DC Studios’ other co-head, said that The Brave and The Bold won’t just be a father-son flick, but will feature other members of the extended Bat-Family because “they’ve been left out of the Batman stories in the theater for far too long.”

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