Hell to pay

The Avengers 5 villain could be Doctor Strange's worst nightmare

Sorcerers beware.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing. While the original schedule of films and Disney+ series have been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, Marvel is primed to return stronger than ever in 2021.

Following Iron Man’s death, Doctor Strange is due to step up in Phase Four. That could lead to the introduction of a formidable cosmic foe, once the Avengers 5 release date finally rolls around. It’ll be hard to top Avengers: Endgame, but there’s no doubt that the superhero team will reassemble at some point in the near future, likely with a host of new members.

Doctor Strange saw the title character trapped in a time-loop battle with Dormammu, the immortal lord of chaos, in an attempt to keep him and the Dark Dimension from overtaking Earth. Frustrated that Doctor Strange was resurrected after every death, Dormammu finally caved and promised that he would leave Earth alone so long as the sorcerer unfroze time. What Doctor Strange may not have known at the time is that Dormammu actually has a sister whose powers surpass his own.

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Umar is a force to be reckoned with.


First introduced in 1966’s Strange Tales #150, Umar the Unrelenting — an immortal who is made of cosmic energy, but is trapped in human form — is one of Doctor Strange’s most dangerous enemies. As Dormammu’s sister, the two have worked together — despite his tendency to feel threatened by Umar’s powers.

Umar wields magic and cosmic energy, but a lot of her potential is lost due to her lengthy banishment to the Dark Dimension, a multiversal plane of reality where time doesn’t exist. However, the villain unleashes insurmountable prowess upon her escape from exile (she and Dormammu killed one of their own) and sets her sights on Earth.

Umar and Doctor Strange duke it out.


Umar is an unpredictable foe and enjoys causing pandemonium. Her actions and immense powers make her formidable and it’s often difficult for Doctor Strange and the Avengers to figure out what she’ll get up to at any point. There’s also the fact that she is a nemesis of the Hulk, which makes her all the more interesting. While Marvel creatives play fast and loose with comics canon, the two mediums have already intersected in Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange bested Dormammu in the comics as he did in the movie. Umar wasn’t all too happy about that. After saving her brother and bringing him to Earth to heal, she sought revenge on the sorcerer and fought him, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, and Agatha Harkness, a witch and mentor to Wanda. Of course, things quickly changed when she realized her daughter Clea and Doctor Strange got married (surprise!) and Umar ultimately joined forces with them to defeat her own brother. What a plot twist!

Umar is ready for her close-up.


It’s possible Umar will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to avenge Dormammu. Her magical abilities are far superior than even Doctor Strange and fighting her could prove to be a major challenge that will take the combined efforts of Wanda and Agatha (who will be introduced in WandaVision). Who knows? Maybe Wanda’s reality-bending somehow shook the multiverse and led to Umar’s escape from the Dark Dimension.

But, even if the magician and his allies were to defeat Umar, she’s immortal and it’s likely that she’ll be even angrier in the aftermath. Umar could appear in Doctor Strange 2 before skulking off to the Dark Dimension to regroup, only to return to confront Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers 5. She’ll probably have a much bigger plan by that point since revenge will only go so far. Either way, Umar is a cosmic being whose powers and penchant for destruction is yet unrivaled in the MCU. Her arrival could change everything.

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