Avenging Thanos

Avengers 5: Thanos could reveal his most horrifying creatures yet

The vampires of the MCU.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is starting to pick up the pace. After nearly a year and a half without a single new movie (or show), fans will be gifted with WandaVision early next year, following by Black Widow, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Eternals, and more. While Thor: Love and Thunder is primed to become the next major ensemble film, Phase Four is missing a major Avengers team-up. However, when Avengers 5 does arrive, it's possible Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will contend with the ire of Thanos’ minions when they finally reunite for Avengers 5.

The Mad Titan may have been defeated in Avengers: Endgame, but the villain had a sprawling army of loyalists who fought by his side until the very end. And while Iron Man's wiped out Thanos' army with a snap of his fingers, there are plenty of remaining minions from the comics who could swoop in to avenge their big, purple boss.

Two of the most ruthless antagonists to ally with Thanos are the Blood Brothers and their name is just as gruesome as they are.

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The Blood Brothers don't play.


First introduced in 1973’s Iron Man #55, the Blood Brothers are ape-like alien twins who loyally serve Thanos. Prior to the Infinity Saga, Thanos had a base on Earth that the Blood Brothers guarded. This is also where they first came into contact with Iron Man and Drax the Destroyer. However, their fight with the superheroes quickly goes awry. Instead of keeping the base around, Thanos decides to give it up and destroys it with the Blood Brothers still inside. Whoever believed the Mad Titan would stand by the side of his minions was sorely mistaken!

Nonetheless, the Blood Brothers were unbothered by Thanos’ betrayal and stayed loyal to him anyway. Though one of the twins would eventually be killed by Drax, the other has joined Norman Osborn in his fight against Thor’s home planet of Asgard, Grandmaster’s Lethal Legion team, and a criminal organization run by a ruthless supervillain called the Hood.

Naturally, the Blood Brothers work best as a pair and are physically stronger when near each other. The creepiest thing about them is that they're basically vampires, draining the blood of people they've killed. Will they show up in Blade?

These guys hate the Avengers and will beat them to a pulp.


The Blood Brothers are no strangers to the villainous side of things and have battled several members of the Avengers throughout comic book history. While they are still strangers to the MCU, their connection to Thanos seamlessly sets up their introduction in Avengers 5. It’s possible the Blood Brothers may have been stationed on Earth (or another planet) when they heard that Thanos bit the dust. Angry that their fearless leader was defeated (in two timelines no less), the Blood Brothers could take up arms against the Avengers for revenge.

Of course, minions tend to jump ship quickly after their boss is gone, having typically stayed loyal out of fear, but that may not be the case with the Blood Brothers, who are traditionally loyal to Thanos to a fault. Whatever happens, the Avengers better beware of these bloodthirsty siblings in the future because they could show up at any time to do what Thanos ultimately couldn’t and defeat the Avengers.

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