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Avengers 5 theory reveals a concerning Game of Thrones similarity

Is the new Avengers threat coming from inside the house?

Game of Thrones Season 8 was a disappointment. There’s no getting around that fact. But the use of certain storytelling turns surprised everyone, for better and for worse. Considering how Marvel has cast so many Game of Thrones alums, including Emilia Clarke, perhaps that’s not all the MCU will lift from the series. A new theory suggests one Avenger will have a Game-of-Thrones-esque story, and it’s one that fits a superhero movie far more than a fantasy epic.

The Theory — Redditor u/woahwoahvicky suggests the next big move for Marvel will be taking a beloved character and turning them into the next Avengers Big Bad in a Daenerys Targaryen-like heel turn. But which character would have the motivation to turn against everything they’ve fought for over multiple Avengers movies?

The answer is obvious: Wanda Maximoff.

Wanda was willing to do anything to keep her family intact. How far will she go?

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Mother of Illusions — Wanda is a smorgasbord of trauma, grief, and loss. After all, that was what made her take the entire town of Westview, New Jersey hostage. Just like Dany, she’s a Chosen One: Dany had dragons, Wanda has chaos magic.

In the post-credits scene of WandaVision, we see Wanda studying up with the Darkhold, honing her powers even more. She’s on a mission to restore her family, and she won’t stop at anything to bring them back, even if that means destroying the very team that led her to Vision in the first place.

Wanda becoming the villain of Avengers 5 could have huge implications on the rest of the team. Even after undoing the Snap, the effects of the Blip are everywhere and have caused overwhelming trauma to the planet as a whole. One look at the Flag Smashers in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier makes that very obvious. Fighting against one of their own would make the Avengers realize their own guilt in what’s happened over the past decade.

Wanda gaining even more power from the Darkhold.

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The Inverse Analysis — It should be remembered that while Wanda’s journey does give her more than enough motivation to break bad, the entire plot of WandaVision was focused on her recognizing that she was the villain of Westview, and she had to release her captives and face the grim truth of her realities. Is that enough catharsis for her to heal from the loss of her family?

We’ll probably find out in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the Doctor Strange sequel Wanda is set to appear in next. The movie seems to be a wild card, but it’ll definitely show the beginnings of a villainous Wanda if she’s destined to use her newly found powers to get what she wants at the expense of the Avengers — and the world.

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.

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