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Andor Season 2: Tony Gilroy reveals a huge time jump — and who survives it

Time keeps on slipping.

Andor has set itself apart from the rest of the Star Wars TV universe in several ways. There’s the prequel-to-the-prequel setting, the focus on the non-Force-sensitive members of the Rebellion, and the spy thriller tone. But one of the most jarring distinctions is its structure. Andor Season 1 covered Cassian’s journey into the Rebellion over 12 episodes, and now Season 2 has a tall task ahead of it: Covering the four years between the Andor Season 1 finale and the start of Rogue One. To help move things along, Tony Gilroy has revealed there will be a time jump between the two seasons. That’s always a sketchy plot device, but it could be good news here.

In an interview with Collider, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy was asked if Season 2 will pick up after Season 1 ended, and his answer was definitive. “No, it’ll be a year later after what you just saw. So, a great deal has happened in the interim.”

Tony Gilroy and Diego Luna on the set of Andor.


So what exactly is that “great deal?” What will happen to Cassian off-screen? He’ll probably get settled within the Rebellion, and may even become Luthen’s right-hand man. When Cassian volunteered to be killed for the cause in the Andor finale, he secured Luthen’s trust.

But there’s one thing that won’t happen in Andor’s gap year: No one important will die. “I don’t have anybody dying in the gap,” Gilroy said. “So, if they live, and I’m not going to promise how long they live when they get to the other side, but they all know that. But, no, if they lived in the show, they’re alive.” According to Gilroy, this goes as far as characters whose fates were left in the air, like Andy Serkis’ scene-stealing prison riot leader, Kino Loy.

Kino Loy lives... for now.


So while “a great deal happens” between seasons, you don’t have to worry about your favorite characters getting eaten by a wampa over winter break. In a way, this is actually good news for Star Wars fans. Season 2 of Andor only has to cram three years of action and storytelling into 12 episodes, not four, so the show can maintain the slower pace that let Season 1 give Star Wars some much-needed worldbuilding.

Maybe Andor’s missing year can be filled in with novels, comic books, or even a one-off Disney+ special. For now, optimism is warranted. Gilroy’s comments are confirmation that the magic of Season 1 won’t be lost with rushed pacing.

Andor is now streaming on Disney+.

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