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Is Andor Season 2 confirmed? Everything we know about the Star Wars show

Cassian Andor's spinoff series won't end with a cliffhanger.

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A hologram of Cassian Andor.

Cassian Andor’s standalone space espionage series, set in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe a few years prior to the events of Rogue One, only just dropped on Disney+ this Wednesday morning. But fans are already wondering when — or if — Season 2 of Andor is landing on the platform.

While we already know how Cassian’s story ends, Andor fills us in on who the Rebel Alliance spy was five years before he became a martyr to the cause. How long will it run for?

In its first three episodes, Andor Season 1 follows Cassian (Diego Luna), a refugee from the planet Kenari who now spends his days as a renowned thief on Ferrix. As Cassian tracks down his sister in the seedy underbelly of planets controlled or backed by the Galactic Empire, a fascist dictatorship, he runs into trouble when he “accidentally” murders two off-duty company men. On the lam, Cassian finds himself caught up in the beginnings of an insurrection, among both heroes and villains.

Andor creator and Rogue One script doctor Tony Gilroy, best known for his work on The Bourne Trilogy, Michael Clayton, and Duplicity, has already confirmed that Andor Season 1 will span a year of Cassian’s life (and will include some flashbacks, too).

What has Gilroy spilled about Season 2? Andor fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Cassian’s spinoff series won’t end with a cliffhanger.

Andor has already been confirmed for 24 episodes spread across two seasons. Additionally, Gilroy announced at Disney+’s virtual TCA press day last month that production for the second half of Andor begins in November, and they will be shooting episodes in blocks of three:

“The answer elegantly presented itself; we’re going to take our four blocks of three in the second half of the show and each block is going to represent another year closer [to the events of Rogue One]. We really get to take the formative forging of Cassian Andor in the first 12 episodes and then we get to take that organism that we’ve built up and run it through the next four years in a really exciting narrative fashion.”

That means Andor will end right before 2016’s Star Wars: A New Hope prequel film, Rogue One, starring Luna as Cassian, along with Felicity Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Riz Ahmed, Jiang Wen, and Forest Whitaker.

Unfortunately for those of you eagerly anticipating the second part of Andor’s story, you’ll likely have to wait about two more years for Andor Season 2. Gilroy noted recently in an interview with The Wrap that the show would likely be released sometime in 2024, at the earliest.

Andor airs Wednesdays at 3 a.m. Eastern on Disney+.

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