Rebel With a Cause

Anto Kreegyr? Andor's most mysterious character matters more than you think

The Rebels may be the good guys, but they aren’t afraid to use sacrificial lambs.

Ever since Cassian Andor hit the Imperial Security Bureau’s radar, one figure has been the smoking gun connecting him and the “partisan activity” that will later turn into the Rebellion. They call him “Axis,” the connection between all the parts of this new movement. If they find him, the entire Rebellion crumbles.

The only problem? The guy the ISB calls “Axis” is Luthen Rael, but they think it’s a figure named Anto Kreegyr. Kreegyr has become an almost mythical figure in Andor, but here’s everything we know about him, and what role he’ll play in the Season 1 finale.

Anto Kreegyr was mentioned back when Luthen Rael met with his ISB source, who revealed Kreegyr is on the Bureau’s radar and about to walk into a trap. That gave Luthen a classic conundrum: If he lets Anto go forward with the mission, he’ll lose him and all his men. If he cancels the mission, then the ISB will know they have a mole, and losing their inside source could be catastrophic.

Luthen makes up his mind in Episode 11 when he tells Saw Guerrera not to join Anto. To him, it’s a worthy sacrifice that will lull the Empire into a false sense of security. “Kreegyr goes down, the ISB will feel invincible. They'll feel untouchable. We'll have a clear field to play,” he says. To Saw, it’s just part of waging war.

Saw and Luthen discuss letting Anto run straight into an ISB trap.


But how will Anto factor into the future of Andor? We’ve only seen his face once, in a hologram shown to Bix while she was tortured. With only one episode left in Season 1, it feels like we won’t see much of him, yet he could still be one of the year’s most important characters. Anto could be the centerpiece of the finale, with his sacrifice being a major turning point in the growth of the Rebellion.

Not only would this provide an epic climax for an already action-packed show, but it would also be a fitting ending for a story focused around Andor. Cassian goes on to sacrifice himself for the Rebel effort, and Anto Kreegyr could pave that tragic path for him.

The ISB showed a hologram of Anto to Bix, asking if he was the mysterious “Axis.”


It’s also worth noting that Anto Kreegyr may have a non-canon ancestor, Erek Krieger, who lived in the time of the Old Republic and fought in the Republic Army. His service ultimately cost him his mental health, so maybe the sacrificial theme is a tie between the two characters.

Anto Kreegyr may be a conspicuous absence throughout Andor, but his identity — and the ISB’s mistaken theory — could be the key to the Rebellion proving that they can outsmart the strictly regimented Empire.

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