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How Ahsoka Could Change the Course of Star Wars Movies

Ahsoka is a huge deal for fans of the character, but it could change the future of Star Wars as we know it.


Ahsoka is a jack of all trades. The former Jedi has served as The Clone Wars’ protagonist, Rebels’ helpful ally, The Mandalorian’s spiritual guide, and The Book of Boba Fett’s “friend of the family.” Now, she’s starring in her own self-titled series, and it’s unclear just what form a live-action protagonist Ahsoka will take. We know that she’ll be looking for her old friend Ezra Bridger and that Thrawn will make an appearance, but not much else.

But a new theory suggests Ahsoka’s story will be much bigger than just this search. In fact, it could shape the future of the Jedi Order forever.

Redditor fan theorist TheMediocreCritic suggests that the new villains of Ahsoka may actually hold a clue to the series’ future. Ahsoka’s biggest theme at this point in her timeline is the feeling of not belonging — she’s not a Jedi, not a Sith, she’s just her.

Baylan Skoll and Ahsoka have similar pasts, so they could come together eventually.


Interestingly, new characters Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati — the lightsaber wielders we see face against Ahsoka in the trailer — are also lost Jedi. Much like Ahsoka, Baylan Skoll also survived Order 66. Aside from Thrawn, it looks like they’ll pose the biggest threat to her, alongside a mysterious Inquisitor. Obi-Wan Kenobi proved that many Inquisitors are actually fallen Jedi, so this series could pit Ahsoka against three different characters in a similar boat to her.

It’s possible that Ahsoka is meant to do more than just defeat these enemies. As we enter a new era of Star Wars, it’s clear that a new Jedi Order is underway: first with the Jedi temple we see being built in The Book of Boba Fett (the one Kylo Ren would later ruin) and with Rey’s future standalone movie.

Luke’s Jedi Temple may have more visitors in the future.


If Ahsoka manages to get through to Baylan, Shin, and the Inquisitor, she could bring them to Luke to help form a new group of Jedi, finally bringing thematic closure to her decades-long conflict with the Jedi Order. After shunning them — and feeling the internalized shame in doing that — she could bring new faces to a more evolved Jedi Order, one that she could actually feel confident in endorsing.

Even if she doesn’t join herself — she’s now made a life as her own person, even rejecting Grogu’s request for help from a Jedi — she could rest assured that she’s not just leaving the old ways behind, she’s supporting something new and better.

Ahsoka premieres August 23 on Disney+.

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