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Talzin? Ahsoka's Coolest New Weapon Reveals a Terrifying Star Wars Villain

What is the Blade of Talzin and why is it so important? The answer lies in Star Wars' past.


After seven weeks, we finally have seen all of Ahsoka, and while the ending may not be completely wrapped up, there are plenty of thrilling new elements to get excited about. But one of the coolest parts of the episode happened in one of the first scenes, when the Great Mothers approached Morgan Elsbeth and gave her a mystical gift — and a unique weapon.

But this weapon isn’t a new invention for Ahsoka. In fact, those familiar with The Clone Wars know exactly what this weapon is.

Morgan Elsbeth rocking her new look — and new toy — in Ahsoka Episode 8.


In recognition of her dedication to the Nightsisters, the Great Mothers give Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth the “Gift of Shadows,” giving her some cool witchy markings on her face. But this gift comes with a weapon: the Blade of Talzin, a blade infused with the same green Dathomiri magic that brought all those Death Troopers back to life.

“Talzin” is a reference to Mother Talzin, the Nightsister who featured in The Clone Wars. She conjured this very blade to duel against Mace Windu before she was destroyed in an explosion triggered by none other than Jar Jar Binks.

Mother Talzin uses her eponymous blade against Mace Windu in The Clone Wars.


This was not a handy callback for Morgan Elsbeth — it gives her a weapon that can actually stand a chance against the lightsabers that Ahsoka, Sabine, and now even Ezra wield. It also proves that even though no Clone Wars Nightsisters appear in Ahsoka, their past is not at all forgotten.

Talzin is one of the most iconic Nightsister Mothers. She wrote the blueprint that these three Great Mothers follow, and now Morgan gets to follow her path in a different way: by wielding the same magic sword as her. Though it may seem like it comes out of nowhere, this weapon does what Star Wars does best: turn magic into some really cool lore and fight scenes.

Ahsoka is now streaming on Disney+.

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