Star Wars Concept Art Confirms Confirms the Strangest Ahsoka Theory

Ye shall be as Force gods.


The finale of Ahsoka gave the Star Wars universe a whole new dimension... and a whole new galaxy. The planet Peridea is a blank slate for the franchise, and by the end of Ahsoka Tano’s spinoff series, she’s stuck there along with Sabine Wren, Shin Hati, and Baylan Skoll.

But what’s next for her? The answer may lie in a single shot in the finale, and new concept art only adds more credibility to a growing fan theory.

Our last glimpse of Baylan Skoll saw him standing on giant statues depicting the Mortis gods. Introduced in The Clone Wars when Ahsoka and Anakin encountered them, the Father, the Son, and the Daughter each represent a different aspect of the Force. The Daughter represents the Light Side, the Son stands for the Dark Side, and the Father is the balance between them.

The Mortis Gods — The Daughter, The Father, and the Son — as seen in a mural in Rebels.


All three met their end during a dramatic conflict in The Clone Wars. But before her demise, The Daughter saved Ahsoka’s life by imbuing her with her Life Force. Ever since then, Ahsoka’s been followed by an owl-like creature named Morai, a mystical reminder of the Daughter’s influence that Ahsoka spots in the scene following Baylan’s statue pose.

However, there was a strange absence in the Peridea statues. Only two were visible: the Son and the Father. We could barely see the Daughter’s statue at all, and what we could see seemed to be nothing more than a headless ruin. This led fans to suggest Ahsoka’s presence on Peridea would lead to her fulfilling the role the Daughter once held: to become a metaphysical representative for the light side of the Force.

New concept art released on Ahsoka’s official Twitter feed reveals a closer look at these statues. In the art, the Daughter is far more visible, suggesting the reveal of its destruction was once envisioned as more explicit. That, combined with Morai’s appearance in the finale, seems to confirm the role the deceased Daughter will play in Ahsoka’s life going forward... and that Ahsoka could replace her mystical role in the Force.

The Mortis Gods are an obscure part of Star Wars canon, but they’re also one of the more intriguing elements. This new sneak peek shows us just how important they, and the role they play controlling the Force itself, could be going forward.

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