The Acolyte Just Sneakily Set Up a Major Finale Twist

Even the Sith can practice family planning.

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The Acolyte

The Acolyte Episode 7 finally gave viewers the real version of what went down at Brendok, not just what Osha and Mae remember. Sol and his Jedi colleagues commit a series of mistakes that leave Mae to fend for herself, Osha adopted by the Jedi, and the entire Brendok coven dead.

Among all the excitement, we learn that Osha and Mae aren’t just twins, but have identical Force symbionts. Essentially, they’re one consciousness split into two beings. This reveal is more than a testament to their sisterly connection; it suggests that their true origin is a sinister one.

Osha and Mae aren’t twins so much as clones, two beings with the same genetics and Force essence. Star Wars characters — and especially Star Wars villains— love to experiment with clones, so it’s likely Osha and Mae weren’t just created by the witches of Brendok and their vergence power, but through a deal with a third party: a Sith.

Mother Aniseya and Mother Koril secretly “created” Osha and Mae... but how?


Fans have long speculated about the Sith conceiving life; was Anakin being born “of the Force” actually a sign that Emperor Palpatine himself influenced the process? Additionally, both Palpatine and his predecessor, Darth Plagueis, experimented with cloning as a way to attain eternal life.

Perhaps Mother Aniseya, knowing the witches needed a new generation of practitioners, approached a Sith to have them impregnate Mother Koril, only to end up with two children thanks to the Force vergence — essentially a Force hotspot — The Acolyte introduces. Or perhaps the cloning was deliberate to artificially recreate the Force dyad — a powerful connection between a Light and Dark Force user — that the sequel trilogy added to canon. Or maybe this is all just part of a sinister Sith plot that’s yet to be introduced; there’s no way that dealing with a Sith wouldn’t come with a price.

As per the YouTube channel New Rockstars, The Acolyte showrunner Leslye Headland has revealed there will be more than one Sith in the series. Could the second Sith be the key to Osha and Mae’s origins? And if so, will it be a familiar face or a new threat?

Cloning and the Force’s effect on conception are two of Star Wars’ oldest ideas, and now The Acolyte can explore them even more. The Acolyte’s finale is certainly going to show us something shocking; why not show fans how the Force can manipulate life itself?

The Acolyte is streaming on Disney+.

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