'Game of Thrones' Finale Theory Reveals Why Dany May Become the Night Queen

After what Season 8 has given us so far, nothing would surprise us.


With one episode left of Game of Thrones, the fate of Daenerys Targaryen is fast approaching. The newly minted Mad Queen (a title that has yet to be referenced in the show) has already reduced King’s Landing to rubble, killing thousands in the process. There’s been a lot of speculation about what will happen to the Mother of Dragons now that she’s committed this atrocity, and an intriguing new theory posits that Daenerys will die in Season 8, Episode 6 — but she’ll be resurrected as the queen of the dead.

A death and immediate resurrection isn’t far-fetched on a show like Game of Thrones. After all, Jon Snow died in Season 6 only to be brought back by Melisandre a couple of episodes into Season 7. Beric Dondarrion has also died and returned several times over before finally dying for good in the Battle of Winterfell.

There are a lot of theories speculating Jon killing Daenerys in the series finale.


Redditor u/fishinglvl suggests Jon will kill Daenerys right before she ascends to the Iron Throne (the state of which is still up in the air), but Drogon will take her North of the Wall, and she’ll be resurrected as the new Night Queen. This will force Jon to go back to the Night’s Watch and guard the Wall for the rest of his days. It would certainly explain why Melisandre brought Jon back from the dead. It would also mean he won’t become the King of Westeros after all (which is fine; there are other choices).

“I think Drogon will take Dany’s body north of the wall to the Lands of Always Winter/where we saw the Night King creating White Walkers,” they write, “and through some outrageous tomfoolery, Dany will become the new Night Queen.”

At face value, this theory sounds extremely far-fetched. For one, it’s been made clear how the Night King was originally created, so Daenerys being dead already complicates her transition. Also, if Drogon is the one to fly her North of the Wall, who will be the one to stab her with the dragonglass sword? It’s also unclear if anyone can do it, or if it has to be the Children of the Forest.

However, it’s u/fishinglvl’s reference of Daenery’s Season 2 vision inside the House of the Undying that clinches the idea. In the vision, the Mother of Dragons is in the Red Keep, steps away from her goal: the Iron Throne. Surrounding her are piles of rubble and ash (or snow). Before she can make contact with the Iron Throne, though, she walks into another room where Khal Drogo and their child await her. The vision confirms the idea that she’ll never become the Queen of Westeros, nor will she join Khal Drogo in the afterlife. This theory also validates the speculation that Jon will kill Daenerys before she ascends to the throne.

Additionally, Daenerys questions whether she is dead in the vision when she sees Drogo. She doesn’t stay long before leaving him and their child behind, reinforcing the idea that she will die and then be resurrected not long after. After all, the vision did take place in the House of the Undying, making it a bit too on the nose, but a possibility nonetheless.

Daenerys approaches the only throne she ever sat upon in Dragonstone. 


There’s a lot more to the theory, but the callback to Daenerys’ vision is the most striking and plausible of all the references. Based on this, Season 8, Episode 5 essentially serves as Part I of the vision. Ash covering the throne room and the Red Keep destroyed both fall in line with the state of King’s Landing after Sunday’s penultimate episode.

Therefore, Episode 6 could play out as Part II and the conclusion of the Breaker of Chains’ journey. Jon will kill Daenerys, and she’ll be resurrected as the Night Queen, posing a new threat to Westeros and resetting the cycle. It might be a bit out there, but after what Season 8 has given us so far, nothing would surprise us.

Game of Thrones Season 8 finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO.

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