'Travelers' Season 4 Release Date Cancelled, but There's Hope for Program 2

Ever since 'Travelers' Season 3 hit Netflix, fans have clamored for news on a Season 4 release date. The update is unfortunate, but there's still hope.

Travelers Season 3 hit Netflix on December 14, 2018, and ever since, fans of the sci-fi series have been clamoring for news on a Season 4 release date. Today, they finally got that news. Unfortunately, it’s that Travelers is cancelled.

Series star Eric McCormack shared the news in a video on Twitter, thanking fans for their overwhelming support. Here’s what he said (emphasis added):

“Hey my fellow travelers. First, let me say a huge thank you for your ravenous response to Season 3 worldwide. it’s been really gratifying for all of us. A lot of you have been asking about the possibility for a Season 4, but many of you have been saying, look if this is it, what a moving and surprising and profound ending it is. Well I’m afraid it is. Who knows what the future holds, but Travelers Program One, as we call it, is complete.

McCormack goes on to thank the fans once again on behalf of everyone involved with the series. You can watch the full video right right:

But what does McCormack mean by “”Program One”? As you probably remember, Season 3 ended with version one of the Travelers Program failing, setting up Season 4 to kick off Program Two. So it’s possible the actor is simply referencing what’s now become the series finale, but he might also be hinting at a future for the series.

Clearly, there was some sort of plan for Travelers Season 4, and it’s possible we could see Program Two play out in the future in a Travelers movie or perhaps on another network if the show gets scooped up.

In the meantime, as McCormack notes, you can always rewatch Travelers Seasons 1-3 on Netflix. And who knows, maybe if enough people stream it all at once Netflix will un-cancel the series.

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