'Travelers' Season 4 Release Date: Star Lobbies Netflix to Renew the Series

Travelers Season 3 hit Netflix for just over a month, so by now most fans of the sci-fi series are probably ready for Season 4. Unfortunately, Netflix still hasn’t renewed Travelers yet, but on Twitter, the cast has been pushing just as hard as the fans for a Season 4 release date.

Travelers began airing on Showcase in Canada, with Netflix as a co-producer. The first two seasons were available on the streaming service for viewers in other countries. Then, Netflix picked up the series’ third season, which dropped on December 14. So it’s entirely up to the streaming service to renew Travelers for Season 4.

Will there be a 'Travelers' Season 4?


Travelers stars like Eric McCormack, MacKenzie Porter, Jennifer Spence, Leah Cairns, and Patrick Gilmore have responded to fan comments about the series on Twitter and tweeted support for Season 4. The same goes for series creator Brad Wright.

In response to one fan’s tweet that they’re “eagerly awaiting news of a Season 4 from @netflix,” McCormack said, “So are we.”

He told another fan to “tweet @netflix and make sure they know” that fans want to see more from the series.

He echoed that thought in another response to a fan’s request for a Season 4. “It’s passion like this, from fans, that will give us another year,” McCormack wrote.

The Travelers Season 2 finale aired on December 18, 2017, and the series was renewed for its third season on March 15, 2018. So fans shouldn’t worry that they haven’t heard positive news about the show’s future just yet. And even once we do learn its fate, if it is coming back, it may be some time before we find out the Season 4 release date. Netflix didn’t announce the Season 3 release date until November 13, a month before it dropped.

Travelers Seasons 1-3 are now streaming on Netflix.

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