American Horror Story Season 8 Spoilers: 5 Murder House Theories for Ep.6

'American Horror Story' is headed back to where it all began.

by Josie Rhodes Cook

In an interesting though not totally unexpected twist, American Horror Story Season 8 has now set the stage to cross over with the first season of the show, Murder House, in Episode 6. At the end of the the most recent episode, Madison Montgomery was directed by Cordelia Goode to go to the house to find out all that she can about Michael Langdon, despite the fact that Michael was the one who brought her back from her own personal Hell — and it sounds like things are about to get very interesting.

Murder House was the first season of American Horror Story, and fans have been anxiously awaiting this crossover episode for some time now. We’ve seen the witches of Coven return already in Apocalypse, but the promised crossover with Season 1 hasn’t manifested on the show yet. However, a promo for Episode 6 implies that it’s coming in the very next episode.

Just as a refresher, Murder House involved Ben, Vivien, and their daughter Violet moving to a haunted house inhabited by ghosts the ghosts of former residents (and their victims). Jessica Lange played their neighbor, Constance Langdon, who eventually becomes Michael’s grandmother. Of course, many of the characters were dead by the end of Season 1, so who’s going to show up and what’s going to happen when Behold Chablis and Madison get to the Murder House of AHS legend?

Here are five theories for how next week’s episode, and the rest of Season 8, could play out.

5. Will Constance’s fate be revealed?

Constance was left alive at the end of Murder House, and is seen speaking with Michael as a small child after he murdered his nanny. The last time we saw her that season, Constance smirked at her grandson after seeing what he had done, and said “Now, what am I gonna do with you?”

But in the promo for the next episode of American Horror Story, it looks like Constance will show up. There’s a very, very slight chance Lange is playing someone else (far from the first time that would happen on this show), but it definitely appears to be Constance from the sound of her voice and the glimpse we get of the character.

We know that at some point, Michael and his grandmother parted ways. So what happened to Constance? In Episode 6, we may finally find out.

4. Is Constance dead?

The prevailing fan theory is that Constance died in the Murder House and is now inhabiting it as a ghost. Some fans, like Reddit user dexterrmorgan, think “Michael definitely killed Constance in the house,” but others aren’t so sure he was the one to off her.

3. Could Constance still be alive?

Another theory is that Constance is still alive and just hanging around Murder House.

“Maybe she’s still alive and kicking and living next door and will come over to snoop in the Murder House after Madison and co arrive,” Redditor karmander suggested.

2. Will more Murder House characters be back?

Many fans are hoping both Violet and Tate Langdon will be back on Apocalypse Season 8, Episode 6 as well. It’s possible that they’ll both be in the house, or that Michael was able to release them from its power, just as he freed Queenie from the Hotel Cortez.

Hayden McClaine could also return, as well as any number of other Murder House characters. Just because Lange is the most anticipated return this season, doesn’t mean other talented cast members won’t be back, too.


1: Will Madison die in the Murder House episode?

Madison does seem to return in the later timeline on Apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t die when she travels to the house. She could have been brought back somehow, or maybe that whole second timeline is a premonition (or some other equally ridiculous explanation). This show does like to get twisty.

The truth is, American Horror Story: Apocalypse could go in just about any direction in its Murder House crossover episode. But one thing’s for certain: Fans are more than ready for whatever the crossover may bring. Especially if Jessica Lange is involved.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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