Rounding Up the 7 Most Fucked Up 'Rick and Morty' Moments

"Jeez Rick, oh my god. That's some pretty hardcore stuff for a cereal commercial."


There’s only so much anticipation we can handle as we wait for Rick and Morty Season 3. Following delay rumors, it might not be until next year that we learn the fate of Rick and the Smith family. Sure, we can partake in other media and glorious fan art to bide the time, but we miss the many zany characters the show has to offer.

We even miss Rick and Morty at its most fucked up, for the moments when the comedy strikes a harsher chord and the gravitas hits home. Remember when Beth shoots Mr. Poopybutthole and he has to go to physical therapy? How about when Rick and Morty have to bury and replace dead versions of themselves after they Cronenberg their entire universe? Or most dire of all, how about when Rick tried and failed to commit suicide because he was so drunk he passed out right before the laser hit him? Here’s a horrifying roundup of Rick and Morty at its most mind-bending and profoundly fucked up.

Strawberry Smiggles

Actually a commercial that appears as part of the Interdimensional Cable bit in the episode “Rixty Minutes,” it’s a clear amalgam of Lucky Charms and Trix cereals, where the poor little bunnified leprechaun hoards all the Smiggles and blathers on and on about how he’ll be the only one to have some because they’ll all be in his stomach … only to be disemboweled by hungry, emotionless children.

Everything about Eyehole Man

In yet another interdimensional cereal commercial, eyeholes are apparently … delicious? A couple of aliens from another dimension have flabs of skin where eyes should be, only to reveal that they each have eyeholes underneath them. Clearly some sort of mutual turn-on, the revelation leads them to start making out eyehole to eyehole (ick) … but lo, if the hero Eyehole Man catches you with eyeholes, he beats the crap out of you.

Yet, they make a cereal out of it? Bonus: Jerry meets the wrath of Eyehole Man.

Ice cream gets served out of buttholes

Spoiler: this isn’t the last butt-related fucked up bit from Rick and Morty, and it’s yet another Interdimensional Cable commercial, this one for an alien ice cream parlor that features many flavors of ice cream, all served out of … butts.

Personal Space gets a little too … personal …

It’s hard not to drive home how fucked up many of the bits from the Interdimensional Cable episodes are, but in Personal Space, your host Philip Jacobs is so OBSESSED with his personal space that he offers up an intensely awkward and highly redundant nine-slide PowerPoint presentation on the matter before RIPPING ALL HIS SKIN OFF BECAUSE IT WAS INVADING HIS PERSONAL SPACE.

Worm-Jerry puckering his butt

Pucker up ...

Adult Swim

It’s hard not to have a visceral reaction to this profoundly fucked up moment from Season 2 episode “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez,” during which — for the B-plot — Beth and Jerry are dropped off at “the best marriage counseling in the universe” on Nuptia Ford. There, a machine scans each partner’s brain to produce an oftentimes grotesque physical visualization of what they think of their partner. Jerry’s version of Beth is a powerful megalomaniac who looks like a Xenomorph, and Beth’s version of Jerry? Well, he’s a subservient, impotent slug that when faced with even the mildest bit of confrontation, turns around and promptly puckers his butt. How’s that for fucked up relationship dynamics?

Rick’s ship protecting Summer

What happens when you tell an interdimensional spaceship with near limitless resources to “keep someone safe” at all costs? We find out in “The Ricks Must Be Crazy” when Rick and Morty go inside the microverse battery powering the car, and Summer is left in the cockpit. The car does more than sever spines and slice people into chunks with robotic tentacle arms and precision lasers: After Summer demands that it stop using physical force, the car resorts to a more … creative means of keeping her safe.

As the police arrive, the car begins creating versions of deceased loved ones to emotionally manipulate threats: “All of you have loved ones. All can be returned. All can be taken away. Please step away from the vehicle.” One officer’s young son who drowned is resurrected only to dissolve into goop. The car later goes so far as to broker a peace agreement between a race of giant spiders and the human government.

King Jellybean tries to rape Morty

In the Season 1 episode “Meeseeks and Destroy,” while the rest of the family is dealing with the Meeseeks, Rick and Morty find themselves in a bar in which Mr. Jellybean tries to sexually assault Morty. The confrontation is beyond unsettling, especially because it involves a main character and not a random one-off bit. It’s pretty brutal, and though it doesn’t quite have a fairy tale happy ending, the anthropomorphic jellybean does get his desserts.

For good measure, let’s close out with what most might consider the most fucked up thing to happen on the show, and pray that Season 3 makes it to us sooner rather than later:

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