43 weird-as-hell products under $20 on Amazon that are actually genius

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As the saying goes, “One person’s weird is another person’s wonderful,” and that statement is pretty true. What seems strange as hell at first may end up being the best idea or experience you’ve ever had. For instance, take all the odd products on Amazon that you can find just by browsing the site. I’ve clicked on many of them, and sometimes — even a lot of the time — they end up being pretty cool and totally usable, too. If I may say so, a fair few are even genius, and totally budget-friendly, to boot.

I’ve taken some time to gather up some of the weirdest – and most incredible – items on Amazon for less than $20. A few of them made me do a double take, but all of them come highly recommended by trusted reviewers on the site. For example, I’m all in for a taco holder shaped like a dinosaur or a pizza cutter that looks like a bicycle that rides through each slice. And while a lot of these may look like simple novelty gifts you’d pick up on a whim — the bacon soap in particular — with actual use, they turn out to be pretty cool ideas I really wish I’d come up with myself.

Follow along as I share some of the top weird products that are actually pretty genius.

1. This burrito blanket that looks good enough to eat

Go ahead and wrap yourself up like your favorite bean and cheese menu item with this soft burrito blanket. The printed blanket totally looks like the real thing, and it’s perfect for lounging on the couch. You can toss it in the washing machine for simple maintenance.

2. A motion-activated toilet light with 8 brilliant colors

Sure, this one’s a little extra — but it’s also pretty smart. This toilet night light has a flexible arm for a universal fit on most toilet seats, and the eight colors deliver a brilliant glow when you go to use the restroom. It’s motion-activated, so you don’t have to fumble for a switch in the dark.

3. A sleep mask that’s also a set of headphones

You won’t care if people look at you funny on the plane— your eyes will be covered by this Bluetooth sleep mask with built-in headphones. The ergonomic 3-D design eliminates pressure on your eyes for a more comfortable nap, and the thin headphone speakers deliver stereo sound to help lull you to sleep.

4. This pizza cutter bike that rides through your pie

Do a wheelie or two through your takeout or frozen pizza with this pizza cutter bike. Both wheels are made with food-grade stainless steel for even slicing, and it even comes with its own kickstand so your can park it on your counter as a creative conversation starter when friends come over.

5. This wireless charger for phones & earbuds

If you’re not a fan of dealing with cables, this wireless charger is an easy way to keep your phone and earbuds powered up. It flashes when it’s plugged in to let you know it’s connected to your device, then turns off again, so you can fall asleep when it’s on your nightstand, without any LEDs disturbing you.

6. These eco-friendly dog poop bags that handle a lot of... stuff

Even though we’re used to seeing it, walking around with a grocery bag of your pup’s contributions at the park is a bit weird. These eco-friendly dog poop bags offer a leakproof solution to cleaning up the mess. They’re strong, whether you’ve got a Great Dane or a dachshund, and they’re eco-friendly — the box and cores are recyclable.

7. A universal kickstand that fits pretty much any phone

Attach this universal kickstand to your phone’s case for convenient hands-free viewing. The secure magnetic mount pops open quickly with just a tap, and closes just as fast. The slim phone magnet is unobtrusive, and you can choose from silver, gold, or rose gold metallic finishes.

8. This squishy cleaning gel that gets into corners & crevices

Go ahead and stick your hand into this goop that’s actually a car cleaning gel. The moldable putty won’t stick to your hands, but it will stick to dust, hair, and crumbs. Use it to clean your car, computer, and other items with small crevices. It’s reusable over and over until it turns dark.

9. A shower bag that takes camping a little closer to glamping

Who says you can’t be clean when camping? This shower backpack holds up to 5 gallons of water and uses the sun to heat it up — there’s even a convenient temperature gauge to let you know when it’s warm. Hang it on a tree or tent pole to wash dirt and dust away.

10. These stainless steel beer-chilling sticks

A stick that cools your beer as you sip? I’m intrigued. These beer chiller sticks look like giant nails but clearly are so much more. Simply freeze them and then stick them in freshly opened beers — or bottled sodas — for refreshingly cool drinks. They’re even packaged for gifting.

11. A bacon-scented soap that makes your bathroom smell like breakfast

That’s right, bacon is now for washing your hands and not just breakfast, thanks to this novelty bacon soap. It’s actual soap that cleanses your skin, but it also fills your senses with your favorite morning scent. The soap comes in a retro metal tin that’s perfect for gag-gifting.

12. An egg separator that keeps your hands & counter clean

Save the yolk — or the white — for later use with this clever egg yolk separator. This small tool rests on the edge of your bowl, letting you crack the egg and sift it without having to juggle back and forth between shells. It’s no yolk (you know I had to).

13. These shoe deodorizers made with natural minerals

Stop the stink in shoes, closets, gym bags, and cars with these deodorizers. The simple bags are filled with a natural mineral compound that neutralizes odors at the molecular level — no fragrance or perfumes involved.

14. A collapsible lantern that’s solar-powered

This compact camping lantern pops up to deliver brilliant illumination when you need it, then collapses to take up minimal space in your gear. It has three light modes — high, low, and SOS — and can even function as a flashlight. Charge it via USB or the solar panels in the sun.

15. This moldable glue for DIY repairs

It’s not weird if it works, and this moldable glue works on just about everything. Wrap it around cables to fix wear and tear, or use it to stop a leak at your kitchen faucet. It’s available in white, black, or colorful multipacks to get your DIY creativity going.

16. This batter dispenser that perfects the art of pancake making

How great would it be to use just one item to measure, mix, and dispense your pancake, waffle, and cupcake batter? So great, thanks to this ingenious batter dispenser. Measurement markings on the side keep track of your ingredients as you add them, then you can pull the rubber grip on the handle for easy, drip-free dispensing right over the pan — no mess involved.

17. This personal water filter that works like a straw

Over 70,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating overall make this personal water filter a must-have for your camping gear. It works like a straw — simply dip into water and let the built-in filter do the rest. Over 99.99% of bacteria and parasites are removed, quenching your thirst when you can’t find fresh water.

18. A microwave bacon maker that delivers crispy results

It might look weird rotating in your microwave, but this simple microwave bacon tray lets you enjoy all the crispy goodness while reducing fat by up to 35%. A convenient handle makes it easy to remove when your breakfast is done, and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

19. This portable blanket that fits in a small bag

For camping, picnics, and outdoor concerts, it doesn’t get any better than this outdoor pocket blanket. It’s waterproof and puncture-resistant, so you can take it everywhere, and packs up small in the provided pouch. Simply hook it to your belt or backpack, and you’ve got a portable place to spread out. It’s available in five bright colors and camouflage.

20. This inverted umbrella that *really* keeps you dry

This incredible inverted umbrella uses a reverse-engineered design, so that it closes away from the handle to keep you dry as you walk in the door or get in and out of your car. The C-shaped handle latches easily to strollers and grocery carts, and you can choose from 11 bold colors.

21. A set of wine wipes for your teeth

You need these wine wipes for your next tasting tour or work dinner. With just a few swipes, they get rid of the red wine stains that appear on your teeth after enjoying a glass of red. They’re individually packaged in a box of 12 for easy portabiity. Share them with your crew on your next trip to Napa.

22. A coaster that attaches directly to your armchair

Keep your cup close at hand with this weirdly wonderful couch coaster. It molds to the shape of your couch or chair arm — whether flat or curved — and the grips keep it in place to avoid accidental slips. A slot accommodates mug handles, and you can fold it up for storage in between uses.

23. This mini Bluetooth keyboard that folds up

It can be hard to work — or even send an email — on your phone or tablet with that little onscreen keyboard. This mini Bluetooth keyboard offers a simple solution that won’t weigh down your bag. It folds in half in between uses and wakes up with a simple tap on any key. The 32-foot operating distance means it even works well with your smart TV.

24. These grocery bag holders that save your wrists

This grocery bag carrier saves you multiple trips to the car since it balances weight to help reduce wrist strain. It’s lightweight and easy to grip, and the convenient pack of two lets you carry multiple bags in each hand.

25. This tool that takes the sting out of bug bites

Bug Bite Thing is a handy tool that suctions out the venom, saliva, and other irritants that bees and mosquitos can leave behind — that means less itching and irritation for you. The unique design even includes a scraper for removing stingers. Over 18,000 reviewers have given this suction tool a five-star rating.

26. A toothbrush sanitizer that eradicates germs

Throw out your standard toothbrush travel caps and use this portable UV toothbrush sanitizer instead. The compact size fits most toothbrushes, including some electric heads, and the UV light eliminates up to 99.9% of common germs. In just five minutes, your brush will be fresh.

27. This set of ice molds that make tiny cubes

These mini ice cube molds make really small ice cubes that can even fit into water bottles and soda cans. Plus, they’re just about the closest thing you can get to crushed ice at home. The flexible construction makes it easy to pop the cubes out, and each set comes with two molds.

28. A beard bib that catches whiskers as you shave

This beard catcher saves your sink and shower while you shave and trim. One end attaches to your mirror, and the other secures around your neck, creating a barrier that keeps the basin clean and your shirt free from stray hairs. Disposal is as simple as shaking the shavings into the trash can.

29. A cereal bowl that ends soggy snacking

Soggy cereal can ruin breakfast or a night spent in on the couch. This oddly shaped cereal bowl ensures that never happens with its unique design. One side is for milk and the other holds your flakes. Simply dip your spoon into one and then the other, and the problem is solved. Choose from white and red.

30. An innovative knife for spreading cold butter

Butter bread without the shred when you’ve got this butter spreading knife. The odd blade features tiny holes that perfectly curl cold butter without needing to soften it first. The opposite side of the blade is a standard edge that applies the butter from crust to crust. Looks weird, works great.

31. This beard-trimming comb that helps you get tight edges

Is it a comb? Is it a guide? This beard shaping and styling tool is actually both in one. One side helps you get a precise trim on the cheeks, while the other helps create a perfect jawline edge. Use the built-in combs with your razor for effortless whisker shortening. Included instructions help you make the most of this guide.

32. This really small humidifier you can use at home & away

Dry air can make it difficult to sleep, especially when you’re traveling. This portable USB humidifier delivers soothing moisture anywhere you go. The simple design works in containers of multiple sizes — including water bottles — and expands to fit. All you need is a USB charger and some water.

33. A microwave cleaner that’s shaped like a volcano

It’s funny-looking, but it’s functional: This volcano microwave oven cleaner erupts in a dirty microwave for positive results. It’s an easy way to steam clean gunk, so you can wipe it away, and all you have to do is fill it with vinegar and water, then set the timer for seven minutes.

34. These dryer balls for eco-conscious softening

Toss these silicone dryer balls in with your next load for an eco-friendly option that softens laundry. Also, the soft spikes help lift fabrics to keep air moving efficiently, which speeds up drying time (and saves on your energy bill). The set comes with four, and they’re endlessly reusable.

35. A convenient jar scraper that gets every last bit

This quirky little scraper makes the most of almost-empty jars by getting every last bit. Perfect for jam, peanut butter, and your favorite hot sauce, cleaning is as simple as a cycle in the dishwasher.

36. This triceratops that holds your taco until you’re ready to eat

Turn taco Tuesday into something your favorite dinosaur-loving friends look forward to — as if they already didn’t — with this triceratops taco holder. Offering space for up to two shells, this handy herbivore makes it easy to fill the shell. It’s fun for kids and adults, and can handle a range of treats, including chips, hot dogs, and waffles.

37. A watermelon slicer that works in seconds

One Amazon reviewer called this watermelon windmill slicer a “summer must-have” and I totally agree. The windmill design evenly slices your watermelon into cubes without the watery mess of a knife. It’s even safe for kids to use, thanks to the rounded handle and non-sharp blade. Use the built-in sliding scale for perfectly portioned pieces.

38. A handy pitter for cherries & olives

One pitfall of eating cherries is having to spit the pit. This easy-to-use cherry and olive pitter eliminates the trouble. The generous holder can handle even large varieties of cherries and olives, and the soft handle is easy to grip for effortless pit removal. Storage is simple with a locking design,

39. This popular card game & dodgeball hybrid that will have you in stitches

I spent more than a little time wondering what weird person thought up a dodgeball-card game that combined cards and whipping fake burritos around the room. I’m really glad they did. Gain points from the cards and then lose them all if you happen to get hit by the ridiculously large burritos. This fun party game is ideal for all ages, but you might want to clear some space in the living room before you play.

40. A wine stopper that puts a pickle in it

Pickles. They’re not just for beer anymore. In fact, this pickle is a fun wine stopper that actually works. An airtight seal keeps your wine fresh, and the food-safe silicone construction can be cleaned in your dishwasher. These wine stoppers make an ideal gift for the pickle fan — you know you know one.

41. A credit-card sized multitool that takes on almost every task

Have you ever patted your pockets looking for a box cutter or can opener that you totally know isn’t going to be there? This credit card-sized multitool is the thing you’re actually looking for. This little 18-in-one card is all the things, including a bottle opener, nail puller, and even 2-inch ruler. It’s made from heat-treated steel for durability.

42. This fun coffee mug that helps you face the day

Your face might not be happy to be awake, but this little color-changing mug will help you fake it. It’s outfitted with heat-sensitive technology that transforms the mug’s “facial expression” from sleepy to wide awake and smiling as soon as hot tea or coffee is poured. It lets you (sort of) face the day with a smile.

43. The magnetic pick-up tool with a flashlight

This really cool magnetic pick-up tool has a telescoping head that reaches into narrow, tight spaces, so you can reach lost keys and coins without having to bend over to get them. It also has a built-in LED light, so you can actually find what you’re looking for, whether it’s behind the couch or under the bed.

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