37 clever products under $25 going viral on Facebook

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by Christina X. Wood
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Have you ever gone shopping on Facebook? Thanks to its ability to amplify personal product recommendations, it has become a popular place for people to track down new fashion, discover home furnishings, get advice on cosmetics and personal care products, and even learn how to clean houses. Individuals, influencers, and brands all show up with ideas, suggestions, and sometimes discount codes. If that sounds like taking the long way to find the right appliance or deodorant, fear not. You don’t have to do the legwork yourself. I tracked down clever products under $25 that are going viral right now on Facebook.

Sometimes, the people of Facebook are entranced by something as whimsical and charming as a dinosaur nightlight. Other times, they are practical, no-nonsense, and budget-minded while discovering the perfect pantry storage containers. But they are always terrific at finding a great deal on necessaries like charging cables and stain removers. Even cat owners have flocked to the site to share their favorite cat door that’s shaped perfectly for a cat.

Ready? Let’s go shopping on Facebook.

1. This face bank that eats coins & helps you save money

Put a coin in the mouth of this face bank and it chews them up (as long as it senses your hand). It’s a hilarious way to encourage everyone to save money — or even to encourage yourself to clear the coins from your pockets. It comes in three colors, takes two AA batteries, and eats everything from pennies to dimes and quarters.

2. A set of airtight storage containers for your snacks

Ready to organize the pantry? This set of four small and two medium containers that lock out air to keep foods super fresh will quickly have you on your way. They come with rubber gaskets for a perfect seal, a set of 20 chalkboard labels, and a liquid marker to write on the labels and identify what’s in them. The four-point locking system is easy to use and super functional and secure.

3. This five-pack of durable, braided USB chargers

This complete collection of micro-USB gadget chargers makes life so much easier because it allows you to stash a charger wherever you might want one. Put one in the car, on the bedside table, in your bag, or anywhere. There are four sizes — 2, 3, 6, and 10 feet long (there are two 6-foot long ones) — and they come in three colors.

4. This cleaning paste people are using regularly

It’s hard finding time to clean, but there are people who search Facebook groups looking to learn about better products and methods for more efficiently getting their home spotless. Those people are obsessed with this pink paste that you smear on and wipe off. It gets out anything, according to the pros, and people can’t get enough of it.

5. This coffee maker with a convenient digital timer

Since coffee making happens before coffee drinking, it’s important to make the process as simple and caffeine-deprived-proof as possible — and this digital French press is the method people are raving about. A digital timer on the plunger alerts you when it’s time to go from seeping to plunging so you don’t fall asleep and end up making bitter coffee. It makes a large 34-ounce pot, so you can feed the family or have iced coffee later.

6. This ergonomic mouse that’s easy on your wrist

Working with a mouse that’s too small (or that makes you pronate your wrist) can quickly lead to wrist and hand soreness. This vertical mouse is designed so that you work with your hand in the “handshake” position, which is much more comfortable over long periods of time and prevents injury. It’s affordable, wireless, has six useful buttons to automate tasks, and the sensitivity is adjustable.

7. These color-changing strip lights for artistic lighting

Why walk in the door and turn on the lights when you can, instead, tap a remote to create colored lighting that turns your furniture, windows, and cabinets into artistic lighting elements? This 33-foot strip of LED lights sticks wherever you want it, lights in whatever color you choose on the 44-key remote, and works indoors or out.

8. This clip-on light that’s perfect for video calls

So many people are raving about this ring light because it transforms the lighting for video calls while also serving as a handy task or reading light. It clips anywhere, plugs into a USB plug, and throws a natural, diffused ring of light from 24 LEDs. Plus, you can adjust the brightness — there are ten settings — along with the color of the light.

9. This melatonin supplement that helps people sleep

There is nothing that makes a day go quite as well as getting a good night’s sleep the night before, and lots of people are finding that this melatonin supplement is the right dose of melatonin to achieve that. It boasts 3 milligrams of melatonin per serving (one capsule), and it currently has an impressive 4.6-star review on Amazon.

10. A complete kit to feed your diamond-painting hobby

Diamond painting is the new coloring. People do it to relax, be creative, and to create a product they can wear or use. This diamond-painting kit has 70 pieces: lots of wax, rollers, trays, clips, pen holders, and more so you can boost your current tool set or get started painting with “diamonds.”

11. This set of markers that are colorful & affordable

Whether you are Bullet Journaling, sketching, or just like to doodle, this set of fine-point markers is so affordable that it’s easy to add it to your toolkit and people love them for how smooth they write, that they don’t bleed through journal pages, and for the wide range of beautiful colors.

12. This clever ice-making tray that doubles as an ice bucket

Make your ice in this bucket-shaped ice tray by putting the inner tray in it and filling it with water. Then, put it in the freezer — and when your ice is ready, you can use the cubes or turn the entire ice-maker into an ice bucket.

13. The automatic drink dispensers that fit nearly any bottle

Replace the lid of your milk bottle, juice bottles, or any large container you wish you didn’t have to heft in and out of the fridge to pour from with one of these taps, and it’ll convert the bottle to a hands-free dispenser. To pour a glass of liquid, just press it to the nozzle and it will dispense the bottle’s contents into your glass. It’s handy and helps kids or anyone who can’t lift big bottles be more independent.

14. This portal cat door that’s shaped like your cat

Install this portal in any doorway that stops your cat from moving freely around the house. Maybe you want to keep the litter box in a closet to isolate the smell, or perhaps your cat needs a way to escape from the dog. Whatever door is in the cat’s way, this portal is cat-sized — even for “husky” cats — and creates a finished opening in hollow or solid doors.

15. This tripod that holds a phone where you want it

Put your phone in this tripod with bendy legs and you can position the screen and camera at precisely the angle and height you want for taking videos, taking photos, or participating in video calls. The legs wrap around anything and the head tilts 90 degrees for landscape or portrait viewing. Almost 14,000 people have given it five stars.

16. This spooky cauldron mug for Halloween enthusiasts

If you love Halloween, then you’re going to love this mug that looks like a classic cauldron. It’s made of microwave-safe porcelain and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Even when there is just coffee in it, everything seems more magical.

17. These shoelaces that light up in 6 colors

These six pairs of nylon laces are embedded with LEDs that light up in pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, or red so you can match the color to your shoes or personal style and then choose if you want the lights to stay on steadily, blink slowly, or blink fast. People love them in kids shoes, as a fun fashion statement, and for making them more visible after dark.

18. These wall-mounted containers that dispense into a cup

People are using these clever wall-mounted storage containers to manage everything from grains and cereals in the kitchen to laundry soap and boosters in the laundry to food over the fish tank. It sticks to the wall with adhesive tape and can hold seven pounds of rice in the divided container. Just press a cup to the nozzle underneath to fill it with product.

19. A butter crock that keeps it at room temperature

If you like your butter room temperature so you can spread it easily on toast, keep it in this butter crock. Put a little water in the outer crock and fill the inner bowl with softened butter, and this arrangement will keep air out and butter fresh (and soft) for weeks. Reviewers love having constant access to soft, spreadable butter — and the crock itself looks beautiful and comes in three colors.

20. This defogging treatment for glasses and goggles

A few drops of this anti-fog treatment — applied to the lens of your glasses or swim goggles — will keep them from fogging up for days. It’s designed specifically to work on anti-reflective lenses, and people are using it on everything from goggles for intensive medical care to camera lenses to doorbell cameras (they say it is the stuff that works). They’ve given it over 7,000 five-star ratings.

21. This huge bottle that motivates you to hydrate

Staying hydrated is essential to your health — especially when it’s hot — and that’s probably why people love this huge, motivational water bottle that keeps track of how much water they’ve consumed (and how much you still need to). It comes in 23 colors and three sizes (128 ounces, 73 ounces, and 43 ounces). Plus, it has a wide mouth, a strap, and a drinking nozzle.

22. A teeth-whitening kit that uses an LED enhancing light

Getting the dentist to whiten your teeth is usually expensive and requires you to set aside several hours of your life. However, this whitening kit — which uses a whitening gel and light — takes only ten minutes a day, on your schedule, for a week. The trays hold the gel against your teeth while the LED catalyst enhances the effect, and reviewers have written that it really works, giving it over 5,000 five star reviews.

23. A tongue scraper made with pure copper

This 100% copper tongue scraper is a fan favorite for removing odor-causing bacteria for fresher-feeling breath. It is rustproof, and you can put it in the dishwasher to clean it. Plus, this two-pack come with travel cases.

24. These LED lightbulbs that look like fireworks

Screw this decorative LED lightbulb into any standard light fixture and transform it into an artistic display that also illuminates your space. Whether you create a string of them for your patio or turn one into a nightlight in the bathroom, they are beautiful, last for 10,000 hours, and are easy to install.

25. This undated, goal-oriented 12-month planner

The planner world is complicated and personal, but many people feel as if this Clever Fox planner is the sweet spot between customizable freeform pages and guided, preprinted planning tools. There are monthly pages, weekly pages, goal pages, dot-grid pages for creating custom designs, and guidance on creating vision boards and mind maps. It comes with 150 planner stickers, a pen loop, and three colorful ribbons for marking your pages.

26. An adult coloring book full of sloths

Sloths are having a moment — no-doubt, because they are irresistibly cute — and coloring intricate pages with colored pencils or markers is known to be a stress-beating, creative habit that helps relax the mind. There are 58 pages of sloth pictures in this coloring book, in various levels of intricacy, printed on black-backed pages to prevent bleed-through for anyone who is stressed and loves sloths.

27. This package of parchment paper for your air fryer

The air fryer already makes getting everything from potatoes to chicken on the table, crispy and delicious, in minutes. These perforated parchment papers make it even easier to clean up after that easy, speedy meal. And they make the food come right out of the fryer — on the paper — all without sticking. There are two sizes to fit various fryers, and since they’re water- and heat-proof, they work in an instant pot, too.

28. A nontoxic stain remove that works “like magic”

This stain remover is fast and effective, but it’s also popular with parents and people with sensitive skin because it uses no peroxide, chlorine, phosphates, sulphates, or parabens — and it’s biodegradable as well as pH-neutral. People have written that it takes stains out completely and instantly.

29. This oil sprayer that mists food easily

This oil sprayer lets you dress salads or coat meats and vegetables with oil quickly, easily, and with the oil or dressing of your choice. It sprays a fine mist or a fast stream (depending on how you press the button), and almost 5,000 people have given it five stars.

30. A dinosaur nightlight that shines in 15 colors

This little dinosaur night light is so cute you’ll want one on your own bedside table. You can turn it on and change colors with the remote (or by tapping it on the head), and the hook on the bottom lets you hang him anywhere. Plus, it’s washable, durable, USB rechargeable, and has a fade-out timer.

31. The happy sponges that change texture with temperature

Not only are these sponges cheerful companions for the lonely job of dishwashing, but you can control how squishy or firm they are by changing the temperature of the water, which is fun. The face isn’t only cute, it’s useful. Stick your fingers in the eyes to wash tall glasses and use the hair for a scrubby edge.

32. A fast, mini griddle for fast eggs & single servings

Throw an egg on this little grill — or a cheese sandwich, burger, or leftover pizza — and it’ll cook it right up into a crispy meal in just a couple of minutes. It takes up very little space, comes in six cute colors, has a nonstick surface, and has over 19,000 five-star reviews.

33. These LED letters that let you create your own message

Create a cute message with these neon LED signs simply by adding batteries — or plugging them into a USB port — and standing or hanging the letters in the right order. You can turn them on and off with the remote or put them on a timer, and they’ll give off a gentle, colorful glow that sets a romantic or festive mood (depending on how high you set the brightness level).

34. This full-body tempered-glass case for the iPhone 12

The minimalist cutouts, protection, see-though design, and compatibility with wireless chargers in this inexpensive iPhone 12 case have it made it popular with influencers. A raised ridge around the lenses protects the camera, and the tempered glass cover allows full access to the phone while it’s protected within.

35. These pliers that have 12 tools hidden in the handle

These multi-pliers are popular with people who camp, fish, hike, or like to explore the great outdoors, because a pair of pliers always handy — and this pair has 11 other tools secreted in its body. There’s a knife, a tiny saw, five screwdrivers, a wire cutter, a file, a bottle opener, and a can opener hiding in the handle, making this a lifesaver in any situation where you need tools (but don’t want to carry a toolbox).

36. This prebiotic deodorant that’s totally natural

You no longer need to slather harsh elements such as aluminum and parabens under your arms to help combat sweat, because this prebiotic deodorant feeds beneficial bacteria to the areas to create a refreshed underarm region. Reviewers have written that it really works and have given it almost 1,500 five-star reviews. It comes in three scents.

37. A soap dispenser & sponge holder in one

Instead of having a bottle of dish soap and a sponge in a dish cluttering up your sink area, reduce that to this all-in-one soap dispenser and sponge caddy. Press the sponge down a couple of times when you pick it up to load it with soap, wash the dishes, and put it back in the caddy to drain. Over 12,000 people love the minimalism and handiness of it and have given it five stars.

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