10 Things Jeff Sessions Looks Like, According to Twitter

The comparisons include a Keebler Elf, Gollum, a butthole, and a baby.

A portrait of Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified in live in a public hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, on the heels of former FBI director James Comey’s Senate hearing last week.

Though he recused himself from the Trump-Russia investigation, Comey’s testimony called into question how honest the former Senator has been regarding his recusal.

While Sessions is under oath, Twitter has taken him to task, noting that he looks like a milieu of unflattering identities. Better to get your jokes in on the internet since laughing at Jeff Sessions can land you 6 months in prison. With that said, here are some of the best comparisons:

10. He looks like a Hobbit… No, wait. He’s Gollum

9. Actually, Jefferey looks surprisingly youthful.

8. Impressive! He’s impersonating a child actor doing an impression of another politician.

7. What would the mascot of Mad Magazine look like if he grew up?

6. Then again, his physical bearing is without reproach.

5. Godwin’s Law in effect.

4. What in tarnation?

3. He’s got the overall demeanor of a variety of villains.

2. Or maybe he just really reminds you of someone terrible from your life.

1. At least one person thinks he resembles the character from a delightfully strange mid-aughts Starburst commercial.

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