Climate Crisis

just breathe

This essential mental hack fights Covid-19 lockdown blues — and climate change

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“Although it takes a lot of work and energy of a certain kind, ultimately meditation is a non-doing.”

Climate solutions
Global Disaster

1.8 billion people face once-in-a-century flooding, study reveals

A shocking number of people globally are at risk of floods.


Artificial photosynthesis can grow plants without light — and may solve a planetary dilemma

Plus: Robotic limbs can feel real.

Reel Science

The best post-apocalypse movie of the century reveals a dark debate over humanity’s future

Climate doom is a serious threat in both science fiction and real life.

Climate Crisis

Climate change and air pollution are wrecking children’s health, a landmark review reveals

The research leaves no doubt about the devastating threat of climate change and air pollution to children.


NASA loses 2 cyclone-tracking satellites after launch company Astra rocket fails

Plus: A sensor hopes to remove the stink from Boston’s transit elevators.

Trash talk

Watch: Superworms snacking on styrofoam could be the solution to the world's trash problem

Simply delicious!

Protect Our Planet

Planting trees isn’t enough. Here’s why we need tiny man-made forests.

Mini-forests could be a key to climate adaptation.


How a genetically-engineered tomato could help solve a global health crisis

Plus: A massive driving headache could soon be a thing of the past.

Climate Solutions

Can restaurant menus help diners choose climate-friendly meals?

Two key fixes could seriously reduce greenhouse gas emissions when eating out.


How a salt lake in California’s desert could make the U.S. an electric car powerhouse

There’s lithium in that there water.


Why there's still hope for stopping the worst consequences of climate change

Some transformations are widely regarded as bad, including many of those connected to climate change.

How to Save the Earth

If humans go to Mars, we need an Earth Flag — here’s why

Opinion: We are approaching the point when humans make the leap off Earth and onto other planets. When we get there, how will we represent ourselves?


How a sand-guzzling box could power a future city on the Moon

TerraBox’s solar power technology could solve our energy problems on and off Earth.

How to Save the Earth

Bill Gates is funding a controversial climate fix that could save the Earth — or doom it

To its advocates, Solar Radiation Modification is cheap, easy to do, and it can be done on a global scale. Whether or not you think it is brilliant, SRM is controversial.

How to save the Earth

Can humans save the Earth?

For Earth Day 2022, Inverse considers six concepts that may reshape our relationship with our planet.


4 transportation tweaks that would finally slow climate change, according to the IPCC

We are already in the midst of these changes.