June 2024

The Summer Blockbuster Issue

The Cover Story

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Still Believes in Movies

The star of Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F reflects on a career of blockbuster spectacles and indie surprises.

ByJake Kleinman
How Tom Cruise and Wolf Blitzer Pulled Off the Biggest Twist in Mission Impossible History

Inverse talks to the team behind Mission: Impossible — Fallout’s unforgettable opening sequence.

Inverse/Paramount Pictures

Hollywood's Newest Money-Making Scheme Is... Books

ByZach Schonfeld

Buying and selling movie scripts has been a thing since Pulp Fiction, but now, Hollywood is transforming the trend from a nerdy side-hustle to a source of revenue and prestige.

Can Watching Scary Movies Make You Less Scared IRL?

ByBecca Caddy

The science is promising.


Before King Kong, Hollywood Was Already Obsessed With Gorillas

ByGavia Baker-Whitelaw

Believe it or not, there was a time when apes were a more bankable movie monster than vampires or werewolves.

Blockbuster Issue
The Oral History Of Catwoman, Halle Berry’s Superhero Movie Disaster

In interviews with Inverse, the team behind the worst superhero movie of the 21st century reveals how a series of simple missteps led to utter catastrophe.


What Was the Best Year for Blockbusters?