Reggie Watts

Awkward Phase

A series with interesting people talking about the most relatable period in their life.

Robyn Von Swank
Awkward Phase

Devon Sawa talks Chucky, Blades of Steel, and wearing "epic ‘90s shit"

Awkward Phase

'Warrior' star Chen Tang talks Season 3, Warcraft, and high-school football

Awkward Phase

Seena Ghaznavi and Justin Williams talk Fraudsters, Bryan Adams, and stand-up

"There's just this persistence of scammers that's really incredible."

awkward phase

Holland Roden talks No Escape, Dave Matthews, and van life essentials

The Teen Wolf star gets candid about her latest movie and childhood UFO plays.

Awkward Phase

Brian Posehn talks Grandpa Metal, The Mandalorian, and Sperry Top-Siders

"I'm still looking for Superman in a microwave."


Umbrella Academy's Ken Hall talks punk rock, improv, and Comic-Con

"When I discovered punk, it just hit me on such a cellular level."

Awkward Phase

Patrick Renna on The Sandlot reunion, '90s fashion, and becoming a YouTuber

"I probably spent $500 on Cross Colours, because Kriss Kross was huge at the time."

Awkward Phase

Eurovision breakout Daði Freyr on CDs, Donald Duck, and nu-metal

The Icelandic musician opens up about his influences, childhood, and future.

Awkward Phase

Room 104 director Mel Eslyn talks Björk buns, Teen Wolf, and cutting class

"I was too much of a punk-ass to listen to any teachers."

Akward Phase

Hamilton star Sydney James Harcourt on knitting, Mariah Carey, and ballet

"I didn't know where I was gonna fit in or what I was going to do. I only knew I loved arts."

Awkward Phase

Kenny Omega loves My Hero Academia more than Marvel and DC

"I either allow myself to become a puppet, or go home. "

Awkward Phase

Madame Gandhi talks "Waiting for Me," optimism in dark times, and babies