Teaser for Judd Apatow Netflix Show 'Love' Tells Us to 'Be Less Insane'

Comics Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs star in the first TV series created by Apatow since 'Undeclared.'


We’re sure Netflix saw the success that director and producer Judd Apatow had with Lena Dunham’s smash series Girls and thought, “Hmmm, yeah, we could do that.” Enter: Love, Netflix’s newest original series co-created by Apatow, comedian Paul Rust, and Girls alum Lesley Arfin. The streaming service just dropped the first teaser trailer to the series and the first official confirmation that the entire 10-episode first season will premiere on the service on February 19.

According to a Netflix press release, Love follows Gus (Rust) and Mickey (Community’s Gillian Jacobs) “as they navigate the exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy, commitment, and other things they were hoping to avoid.” If the teaser is any hint, these exhilarations and humiliations include “be less insane,” “have more sext,” “get a weed card,” “read Infinite Jest,” and more. That sounds about right.

It’s Apatow’s first project since last year’s Amy Schumer comedy Trainwreck, and the first TV series Apatow created since 2001’s underappreciated college comedy Undeclared, which was cancelled after one season, and it enters the good company of other Apatow TV shows including hits like Girls or iconic but misunderstood classics like Freaks and Geeks.

It isn’t even the only project Apatow has going on at Netflix either. Apatow is producing a feature length movie called Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, which resurrects comedian Paul Reubens’ iconic character Pee-Wee Herman and is set to debut in March.

But if you’re looking forward to Love, despite the lack of any real footage in the trailer, you’re in luck. Netflix already picked up the show for a 12-episode second season set for next year. So audiences can feel safe enjoying the millennial foibles of Mickey and Gus for now without the threat of the show getting cancelled anytime soon.

It looks to join recent Netflix hits like Aziz Ansari’s Master of None in the streaming service’s beefed-up lineup for 2016, which sees it nearly double its original programming totals from 16 to 31 new shows this year. It seems in 2016 there will be a lot to love at Netflix.

Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs in 'Love.'

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