Predicting the Plot of 'Suicide Squad's Sequel: '2 Suicide 2 Squad' 

'Suicide Squad' might be sketchy on plot details, but that in no way prevents us from figuring out its sequel.

Suicide Squad, DC’s supervillain version of The Avengers, hasn’t come out yet. But that shouldn’t stop us from green-lighting its sequels. It’s a superhero movie, for one, and it has too many characters to not spin some of them off. Written and directed by David Ayer of The Fast and the Furious, the first movie will, by all appearances, work as a superhero Fast and the Furious, with some drama stirred up by the Joker, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn and a plot supplied by squad leader Rick Flagg.

It stands to reason, then, that the second film will be 2 Suicide 2 Squad. And although details on the first movie’s plot still remain sketchy, that in no way stops us from predicting the second. Here’s how that will play out.

After the events of the first film scatters the gang, they’re going to have to get back together, bitterness and all.

Although they look chummy in this picture, Suicide Squad is composed of assassins, riot grrls, psychopaths, crocodile men, and an ordinary guy who is crazy enough to lead them.

Whether their common enemy is the Joker, the Enchantress, or another threat entirely, there’s virtually no chance they’re going to emerge from the experience as the best of friends. 2 Suicide 2 Squad will therefore begin with them reluctantly pairing up again, a la Brian O’Conner and Roman Pearce in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Rick Flagg will step out for a hot second.

Although Vin Diesel is the face of the franchise today, many forget that he’s not actually in 2 Fast 2 Furious. He drove off into the sunset before realizing what a big mistake he made and came crawling back in Tokyo Drift and every subsequent installment. As we have established, Rick Flagg is the Vin Diesel of Suicide Squad; the engine that drives the film’s plot and infuses it with enough heart for the audience to overlook its sillier turns.

Maybe Joel Kinnaman will want to pursue a passion project like his own Chronicles of Riddick in Swedish. Maybe Rick Flagg’s spirits will be defeated by leading this gang of miscreants in the first film and he’ll go off to a meditation retreat for the duration of the second. Whatever the case, he will either step out or be benched in the second installment, just like Vin Diesel, before making a triumphant comeback in the third.

That prompts the question: Who will step up in his place?

The film’s Tyrese Gibson will be Count Vertigo.

Count Vertigo is an unpredictable DC villain who is currently on the TV show Arrow.

You might think that disqualifies him from also appearing in a movie. Nah. TV has already established a precedent in the form of two different incarnations of the Flash: one in the show of the same name another in an upcoming movie. The world is big enough for multiple Count Vertigos, and his unstable presence would be a solid fill-in till Flagg returns. He’s not as cool as Flagg or the Joker, but he’s an adequate villain, just as Roman Pearce will do when you’re down a Dominic Toretto.

Poison Ivy will join the squad.

Poison Ivy is an awesome character and yet she has been onscreen only in 1997, in the excruciatingly campy Batman and Robin movie. She is also Harley Quinn’s best friend and occasional girlfriend, which would complicate her already tricky dynamic with Deadshot and the Joker — just as Eva Mendes complicates O’Connor’s relationship with Roman Pearce.

2 Suicide 2 Squad will ultimately be neither as earnest as the first nor as batshit insane as the fifth and sixth (what, do you really think this franchise won’t make it six films deep?). But as long as the franchise avoids a Tokyo Drift and keeps it fun, Suicide Squad is practically old news. We’re already dreaming of 2021’s third installment, Squadgoals: Suicide.

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