The Chinese 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Has So Many Spoilers

A new 'Star Wars' international trailer offers up the most spoilers yet.


Like a lot of people, we’re counting down the days until the Force is awakened. We’ve seen the dozen or so trailers, poured over any new footage that pops up, speculated about what that footage and the characters therein could be doing, and more. It’s to the point where Star Wars fans have maybe become a little burnt out in anticipation of the movie, which will be released in most theaters worldwide in just over a week. Chinese audiences will have to wait until January 9 to get their first look at the movie, but if the latest trailer geared towards Asian markets is any consolation they won’t have to worry too much about waiting.

Two-second glimpses at certain shots won’t necessarily spoil an entire movie but the trailer is awash in fairly spoilerific footage, even for the fans who happily eat up anything that’s released. If you’re trying to remain pure and unspoiled, we recommend steering clear of this one.

We get some great new Vader-like lines from Kylo Ren, and the first new dialogue from actor Andy Serkis’ mysterious new villain Supreme Leader Snoke since the original teaser. But we also get some great action shots of the big X-Wing battle seen in the other teasers as well, including some pilot chatter from Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron. We’re getting original trilogy vibes just thinking about it.

Han and Chewie piloting the Falcon for the first time since 'The Empire Strikes Back.'


The biggest hero moment is seeing Han and Chewie behind the controls of the Millennium Falcon again, though the new shots of the iconic ship include it crash landing through some trees onto the unknown snow planet. Hopefully that doesn’t mean the Falcon is down for good:

The most fascinating moment is a new bit of dialogue from Rey talking to BB-8. She asks the little droid, “Where do you come from? Classified, really? Me too.” Huh, what does that “me too” refer to? Is she hidden way on the desert planet of Jakku for some reason, maybe because of who she’s related to?

Oh, hello third Death Star.


Also is that the first real glimpse of the surface of the third Death Star?

Serious Battle of Yavin vibes.


Nevermind that “burnt out on Star Wars” comment from before. We’re totally back into it now. December 18 can’t come soon enough.

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