Fake Brandalism Adverts in Paris Call Out Capitalism During Climate Talks

A new art project critiques world leaders and the corporate sponsors of the UN summit.


Brandalism, an anti-advertisement art movement, has claimed responsibility for the over 600 fake advertisements recently installed throughout Paris. The arrival of the satirical fakes coincides with the beginning of the UN Climate Change Conference. The posters, which have gone up all over the city, call out the corporate sponsors of the event for their own contribution to climate change.

“Amidst the French state of emergency banning all public gatherings following the terrorist attacks on 13 November in Paris, the ‘Brandalism’ project has worked with Parisians to insert unauthorized artworks across the city that aim to highlight the links between advertising, consumerism, fossil fuel dependency and climate change,” Brandalism explained in a statement.

The project is a collaboration between 80 artists from 19 different countries and the targets include AirFrance, Dow Chemicals, and Volkswagen, which is getting a lot of attention for perpetrating an environmental fraud.

"Now that we've been caught, we're trying to make you think we care about the environment."


David Cameron as the face of British Gas.

Bill Posters

All 600 pieces of art have been collected in Brandalism’s online gallery. No word yet on whether or not they’ll be sold.

"Big oil out of culture!"

Not An Alternative

 "We lied about our emissions because we don't care about climate change."


"So we'll keep on bribing politicians and emitting greenhouse gases."

Revolt Designt
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