Amazon's Nazi Subway Ads for 'Man in the High Castle' Don't Exactly Fly

People complained about the tacky WWII-style ads on Manhattan's 42nd street subway. Because Nazism.

Amir Levy, Vos Iz Neias?

So here’s an association for you: Nazis and trains. You want to climb aboard?

For some reason, people weren’t wild about the idea of riding New York’s 42nd Street subway cars outfitted with Nazi symbolism, even if it was just advertising for Man in the High Castle. So Amazon Studios is removing the Rising Sun and Reichsadler eagles it was using to advertise its series adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s dystopian counterfactual novel that asks, what if the Axis powers won WWII?

“Amazon has just decided to pull the ads,” Kevin Ortiz, a New York City Transit and Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman, wrote in an email to Variety. The advertisements actually abided within the MTA’s standards, but Amazon decided to act anyway. The ads seem to have done their duty, after all.

The series began steaming on Amazon’s video on demand service November 20th, and it’s pretty okay.

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